Wednesday, March 28, 2007

JOY art journal

Here's my collage for the Joy Art Journal hosted by the ultra-talented Gina. Her blog is a must read for me. (Yes, it is a daily blog I stalk) When I started reading Gina's blog, I really got into the world of blogging. I found more blogs I wanted to read and was so inspired to try new things creatively. I was so excited to join this art journal when I read about it.
I thought JOY would be such an easy theme. Then when I really sat down, I was clueless. I knew I wanted to try something similar to what I saw on ArtTeaLife's blog. I loved that collage when I saw it. I found a picture of shoes in an old Anthropologie catalog. I thought JOY...SHOES. Yea, it works for me! It was a little challenging to do this since I'm not home and left most of my supplies. Not that I don't have a ton here, either. I packed quite a few boxes of supplies.
This was a ton of fun even though I was up against a deadline. It's due to Gina April 1st and we're packing up and traveling back home this weekend. Working against the clock is not normally my favorite way to go, but I really wanted to do it!


Anonymous said...

Lol!! If the shoe fits, buy the matching handbag. SO cute!!! Love it girly :)

Cat said...

Neat art journal page! I've not tried one yet, but I like to keep an eye on ArtTeaLifes pages as well.

Great colors!