Friday, July 30, 2010

New Pics Around Kuwait

An interior window a Crowne Plaza restaurant
I can tell you what area I was in, but not what building this is.  There was some shopping on the bottom floors & a hotel sign.  I'll have to go back.            

This building is beautiful mall I have yet to go it.  It has all the high end designers.  Think Lanvin, Balenciaga.. A bit out of my price range, but I think I may still be able to get in with my camera.  The front door is below.

This is the "round building with the orange".  I seriously need to take a tour of buildings here.  I drive around & find amazing architecture & have no idea what they are!  I normally have to make a mental note to come back & find a place to park or take pictures at stop lights!
The 360 Mall.  This mall has so many different areas.  The arches are just stunning.
Not a flattering picture of me, but I love that this was a picture taken in Kuwait at with a Seminole head on the sports wall!  BTW, that's Michael Jordan in the left hand corner.  His number 23 has been transposed to 32, since Arabic is written & read from right to left.  Could.Not.Stop.Laughing

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Canvas Work

Dream Canvas - Digi Swirls Hof3 
So I have a bit of a canvas thing going.  I've always loved finding meaningful quotes & love this one I used above.  This piece was also inspired by Serina Wilson Stubson.  I did another canvas not too long ago inspired by her.

Love Canvas - WIP - Digi Elements Hof3
This one is a little 4x4 that I'm still working on.  I'm probably going to add a love quote around one of the hearts.  I did a spring green base with acrylic paint & added lilac tissue paper for texture & color.

Canvas Fashion Sketch - WIP - Digi Swirls Hof3 - I LOVE this set of digi brushes - if you couldn't tell!

For those of you that don't know, I was a Fashion Design & Merchandising major in college.  I never found my footing as an apparel designer, although I'm quite happy with the path I'm on now.  I still sketch occasionally & lately I've been running into fashion drawings.  I saw some amazing ones at the mall & I'll have to go back & take photos.  I don't know why I just didn't whip out my camera while I was there.  
Beth just posted about Justine Limpus Parish & I was so inspired that I covered a canvas last night with some acrylics.  I planned it out & today I did the sketch on the canvas.  I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this piece but I'm liking it already.  I plan to add some pen detail but after that who knows!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

Beth absolutely out did herself.  She was my swap partner & I've had to take a few hours days to digest & let it all sink in.  Make sure to take a peek at Beth's blog, she's brand new to blogging! Her flickr account is here. We both participated in Molly's Crown Swap.  See the blogs of all participants here.

As you can see from my blurry pictures I was shaking with excitement as I opened & tried to document all of the goodies.  Also I "artistically" took pictures on my comforter cause I was waayy too excited to take them in the craft room.  I am like a little kid sometimes.

 Seriously, his & her crown tins with a jeweled handle. AND all the fun goodies inside!

 I almost cried when I unwrapped this beauty.

And then I did when I saw these beauties inside. Items from her personal stash that she gifted to me.  I am always so lucky to meet talented & giving artists.

Yet more crown/pink themed items for me.

And look, a tiny crown in pink in it's own little storage box.  Eek!

Here's the absolutely stunning box my crown came in.  Since we move all the time, I'm so darn excited that she has her own box to be packed in.

So here she is!  What a beauty!  I think she needs a name.  I'm working on that, but I'll take suggestions.  So don't laugh.  These are the only 2 pictures that came out of the crown.  I was just a tad on the excited side.  I'll have to take more pictures tomorrow when I get some light.  In the meanwhile, you can take a look at her photos over here.  I'm really laughing that I was so excited & took pictures on my comforter.  I do have a nice place set up in the craft room...

  Go visit Beth & say hi!  I was so touched by her generosity.  She very obviously put so much love & thought into my crown & gifts.  Everything in that box screams me.  We're visiting the states soon & my box made me feel like I was back home.  Thank you for bringing some of the states over to the desert.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've Survived Week 1

It's been the first week of having both boys home & I've not only survived but enjoyed it.  I've been busy everyday trying to come up with some sort of activity for the kids & I.  Today we visited the Hilton beach & pool.  It's not the easiest thing to come up with activities that take into consideration the weather here & not break the bank.

I love taking pictures here.

We ended the trip with lunch at Pizza Express.  The boys made their own pizza.  Josh is still wearing his pizza cooker hat.  I wonder what next week holds!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

360 Mall

Here are some new images I took from the 360 Mall.  I've been meaning to take my camera there & get some pictures.  It's impressive inside & out.  These large art pieces are made of glass & hang from the domed ceiling.  (I'm trying to find links to the artist)

Here are a few images from outside.  The boys were so patient as I took my photos.