About Me

Me, hocking my wares
After much moving around as a child, my family settled in Tampa, FL which I consider my  hometown.  My life has come full circle as I now travel the world as an adult living all over the United States & now worldwide.  I currently reside in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

I have always led an artsy life & have my hands in many creative pots.  My true passion is jewelry making & I love mixing all types techniques & materials. My favorite challenge is to use elements in unexpected ways.
My interest in photography began with wanting to improve the shots of my jewelry.  With all our moves, I've become a serious amateur photographer.  This has become a large part of my inspiration & blog posts.  It is these two loves that I most often blog about.

Contact me: kate_vee_me@hotmail.com
Webstore: kate vee & me on Etsy
Photo stream:  kate vee & me on Flickr

 Random Facts:

My work table.  I'm a messy creative - Obviously    

Quote: "It's not crap.  It's vintage."

I adore old chippy vintage jewelry.

I love creating small scale art. 

I started running for the first time as an adult & ran my first 10k during Athens 2500 anniversary of the marathon.

I currently volunteer with Trash to Treasure.  I work with runaway maids teaching Crafting & life skills.