Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Christmas Brush: Rhonna Farrer House of 3

Christmas Eve

Our day started out with brunch at the Radisson.  (That's our table up front)

I don't consider myself a portrait photographer.  I do so much better with "stuff" but sometimes I get a photograph that captures a moment.  This is one of them.

After our church service & brunch we headed to the beach.  Two weeks in a row of the beach & pretty pictures!

May you & yours have a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Desert Style

Self portrait in the desert

So what does one do in the winter in these parts?  The beach & camping of course!

Look at the eye lashes on this guy!

This was such a cool picture.  I just shoot a million pics & look at them when I come home.  I never know what I have till it gets dumped on the laptop.

This picture has such a great story.  It's so incredibly funny that I can overlook how stupid I look.  My friend taking the picture kept telling me to scoot back & next thing you know I'm petrified that this giant beast is gonna take a hunk of my hair.

Loved the different colors of camels.


This was the second camping trip our family took.  My hubby wasn't able to make it so I couldn't start taking pictures till we reached the camp ground.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures at night.  I was busy manning the grill!

I love taking foot prints in the sand.  These were made by my boys as they ran towards the water to play.

Playing with perspective.  Thanks to the post on the patio for working with me.

The kids played in the sand in long sleeve tees & jeans.  I enjoyed hearing the sound of the sea & the birds while reading & playing with photos.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend In Review

Blog Board: Sassy Designs
Yep, the blog board pretty much sums up my week, holiday bazaars!  I even got a write up in the paper.  It's funny how that happens.  I start talking to someone unbeknown to me, it's a writer for the Arab Times.   It's the second time it's happened to me in the last month.
What did you do this weekend?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

You're Invited

To my local friends, the bazaar season is in full swing.  With all I have going on I've only decided to do two this year, granted they are in the same week, but I couldn't be more excited.  The big one is tomorrow - the British Ladies Society bazaar.  Last year I went as a shopper & was impressed by the mix of vendors.  Although I'm not sure how much shopping I'll get done as a vendor this year!

BLS Holiday Bazaar Monday December 6 1:30 - 6:30
Airport Road 55 Farwaniya off 6th Ring Road
Tel: +965 1848111
If you like sushi, there's a great sushi restaurant there.  One of my faves!!  I've already packed my copy of the menu & will have some delivered to me :)

I got a bit of creating done on Friday night with the Meet & Bead group.  Have I mentioned how much I love those LB o J'zazz women?  I am so thankful to have a local bead store & group of bead friends.  

The other bazaar I'm participating in is the TES Holiday Bazaar.  It will be my first year doing this one.  I participated in the Spring one & made enough to make it worth my while.  Hopefully this one will be a success with the Christmas season.

TES Holiday Bazaar Saturday December 11 2 -5
Mousaed Al-Azmi Street Block 12 Salmiya

If you're here locally come visit me!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thankful - Year 4

Thank you Graphics Fairy

So, this has become sort of a tradition for me, blogging about what I am thankful for.  I looked at last year's Thanksgiving post & I realized my title is not as creative as I thought it was!  I'm a little late, but oh so thankful.

  • What would I do without my camera?  I've been lucky to be able to record our adventures & travels.  I've always enjoyed photography but living here in Kuwait has opened up my eyes & heart to new things.  Confession: I am a Europe snob - obsessed with Europe!  I just recently realized how much I am influenced by a culture I had previously had no interest in. 
  • This year we've been to 3 three countries.  How many people can say that?  My kids have such a cool life & full passport!  That in itself is something to be thankful for.
  • We celebrated another Thanksgiving with a houseful of people & lots of food.  I never thought I would become a party hostess.  Over the last year I've been able to host quite a few parties for deployed soldiers here in our area.
  •  I've been preparing for a couple of holiday bazaars.  How lucky am I to be doing what I love!