Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cranky... because I can't play with my new goodies

Yes, that's what I am these days. Babysitter, chauffeur, cooker, packer, unpacker, punching bag, tv guide/remote, sibling referee... I'm alive but barely. With Rick's recent surgery, his calendar is my calendar. I just realized I'm driving around 3 states several days a week. Grrrr.. Seriously, I've taken several naps in my car this week & I've been hauling my pink tulle to finish my pretty skirts (See below)
Alright, thanks for letting me rant. On to the creative part!
I've been working on my Vintage Prom Dress swap & incorporated it into my stamp club card swap. I'll have to take pictures when I have some good light. I got some great cards. Every time I participate in a card swap, I can't seem to give them away. To the left are my contributions. So me, pink, glittery, lots of swirls, a few hand doodles & a crown.

With the move, I was still finding & hoarding things. (Honey, no need to read any further) First off, I can't believe my hubby started his own blog. I had to practically BEG him to look at mine. As he says "When you're on drugs, have the use of only one arm & are located in the basement most of the day, you have to do something." Go look at the July 23 post & the side bar with Brandon's quotes. Funny stuff! Feel free to say hello! He also had more posts than I did before this one for the month. How utterly sad.
ANYWAYS, I digress.. I was getting ready to show some hoarding & new goodies. I have become obsessed, I mean, interested in old junk. I stalked the local Goodwill & I found the coolest jewelry boxes for $1.50 total, a beautiful silver bowl for $4 & a handful of jewelry for $1 a piece. I took pictures of them, but I have no idea where the cord is for our external drive. Those will have to wait.
I do have a picture of the beautiful vintage keys. I plan to do metal stamping & rubber stamping with permanent inks. Anyone know what I can use to seal them that isn't toxic to humans so we can wear them as pendants? Here's my trial piece. I can wire beads, solder more stuff on it, glue flat back crystals.... oh the possibilities.
Hope to check back a little more often. I really am cranky these days & art time deprived. Think they're related? Something to think about.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gone For A Bit

I'm going to disappear for a bit. I'm all consumed by this move. How all this stuff is going to fit in a flat that's 1000 square feet less is beyond me right now. I've made the mother of all messes by purging/organizing. Here let me show you...

And my poor craft room. I wish I could shove my entire craft room into my car. Besides being Type A I just love all my craft goodies. I should put a note on the door to the packers.

Dear Packers,

Please be nice to my craft stuff. It may look like junk to you, but these are my babies & my refuge. If you don't pack them with care, you'll have a cranky, retentive, not getting any sleep, had my period for 2 weeks, mom of 2 crazy boys to deal with.


This is our Jed Clampett trailer. We went over the Bay Bridge & the Beltway with this beast.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Pet Rent?

This is old base housing Dover, DE. It no longer exists as it has been torn down. It had much more character that the cinder block house we had in Phoenix.

You're kidding me, right? Next there will be "Toddler rent" added for my 2 boys, then there will be "Craft rent" for excessive glitter spills & my favorite "You have too many degrees rent" for my hubby that does have too many degrees. As you can tell, I have not been out in the real world to rent in quite some time. I got kinda spoiled living in base housing, yes even the cinder block it's over 50 years old housing. I'm gonna have to go to the store & pay real prices for milk & meat. I'll have to worry about people driving like mad in our neighborhood. I won't have a gate guard carrying an uzi 24/7. As crazy as base housing is sometimes (like the time I was 3 months pregnant, my hubby was on an extended TDY, & I called "them" to warn them about my grass being out of regs because I hadn't found anyone to help me yet & they said if they did a drive by I would get ticketed) ANYWAYS... I digress. Yes this is Creative Rants & not I'm Cranky & Have Had a Bad Day Rants. On to creative ranting...
Here are my little pink houses for the Itty Bitty House Swap hosted by the wonderful Bridget. Oh, this was fun fun!! I really enjoy working small scale. I decided to do a take on a green house, but make my own pink house. I made 30 of these & enjoyed embelishing every single one of them. I used German foil scrap, rhinestones, glitter, rubber stamps, & my trusty Sakura gel pens. Next I'm off to do our Vintage Prom Dress swap, also part of the Itty Bitty Book club on Flickr. There are some pretty ones already done. Go take a peek. I'm thinkin large tulle skirts & 1 cute crown on her head.

Some new jewelry:

Available on my Etsy site. I got the vintage beaded chain & started playing with the cloisonne bead & the vintage Swarovski. Everything came out beautifully. She's pretty chic.

My new obsession...RINGS. I sold the far right one (Oh did I LOVE that ring). I'm sill working on the large one on the left. It's missing a stone & I want to add 1 pink stone to it. Soo cute!
These are mine. I was planning on putting them in my store, then I wore them & now they're mine. Maybe I'll make another one up & put that in the store. Sometimes I have a hard time letting go of my wares.
A winner for this is way overdue. Congrats to Julie of Fabulous Finds Studio. (I used the trusty random number generator since my human one is asleep.) I'll be emailing you for your address. By the way, if you need some cute cards or tags, go visit her store. Her work is gorgous!