Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just a Quick Update

Things have been crazy with the upcoming move. I'm sorry I've been MIA. I should be able to pick a winner for the rings from my Bead Star post later today. (I'm up right now doing more moving research).
I'll also have some pics to show of some completed work. I'm just about done with my Itty Bitty House swap & I'm well into the Vintage Prom Dress swap. Seriously, look at the editing of this picture. Also, this sad post has no links.
Thanks to everyone for you support regarding the Bead Star contest. Unfortunately, I didn't make the top 5. I'd have to say I can't be too disappointed. I had a pretty spectacular week!

I'll be back later today at a decent time!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Am I Completely Nutto?

Wait don't answer that!
I have yet more good news & blessings. Yes, there's that silly picture over there to the left again. I got myself published in our local paper, The Dover Post. I am silly aren't I? I also visited the local craft stores with a flier I made & asked people in our Sunday school class to vote for me. My husband is such a trooper putting up with me & my crazy ideas.

My other good news... I've been accepted to my first juried show. I'm super excited as I've had the chance to volunteer for the Dover Officer's Spouses' Club Craft Show. Last year, the club gave away just under $49,000 to local, state & national clubs. In addition, some of the money was used to provde scholarships to dependants of military. It was also an outlet for me to have some good grown up time :) After I received my acceptance letter, I was running around singing "The Best Day Ever" . Rick kept trying to remind me the kids were napping.

I've been working to contact everyone that has emailed me or left a comment on my post. I'm a little behind, but I promise I'll write you a note.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Feelin' the Love ~ Thank You

I told my hubby that I've felt like a "Bead Politician" the last few days. I've been campaigning for your votes to become a Bead Star.
I am so overwhelmed by the words, support & votes from family, friends, blog friends & complete strangers I've met along the way. I think things really started sinking in Thursday night. I couldn't sleep as I thought of local friends here in Dover telling me they'll miss me next year. I have friends that had all their family members & friends vote for me. One of my sister's friends worked as a jewelry photographer for HSN & sent her some great advice to pass on to me. I have all sorts of new people visiting my blog & leaving such nice comments. I have blog friends that did a post to vote for me. I completely feel like a winner with all this love around me. Thank you!

Show & Tell Sunday ~ Favorite Flea Market Find

Here she is, my flea market love. It almost sounds like I'm cheating. I bought this at Lucketts May Fair. I posted about the fair just this week, but I haven't posted this pin to the group yet. I love her because it's a crown, she's vintage & oh so girlie.
I'm posting a picture of my finds from yesterday. I bought a couple of baggies from someone at Spence’s Auction & Flea Market selling some vintage & fixer upper jewelry. I'm really going to miss this place when we leave. I have my faves that I go straight to & hand over some money! I'm gonna miss the food, too. Yummy!

The last picture is a ring I made from some flea market junking. It was a shoe clip in it's former life now she's a beautiful cocktail ring.
If you want to see more flea market finds, go over to the flickr group & take a look. Thank you to Heidi for hosting this week. Go over to her blog to look at other blog participants.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please Help Me Become the Next Bead Star

Seriously, I'm having another "are you kidding me?" moment. I went to see if any of my pieces got selected & there were my little crystal earrings. My sister called me just as I started stalking the website. The crystal category is the first one listed & I'm #20. I started scrolling down then just screamed for joy. Sorry, Lex! You know I just can't believe it when stuff like this happens to me :)

Ok, so here's my ad. Please go vote for me. Click on the header on the page to vote. You'll have to enter your email addy & vote in each category for your vote to count. You know I don't even mind not winning the whole thing. I just wanna be published. It's wonderful this blog community, you get "it" & me & my crazy ideas !

Thanks in advance. The voting runs until next Thursday June 18th.
Know what, I think I'm gonna do a giveaway! If you go vote, comment on this post & I'll do a little ring assortment & collage goodies for you.
EDITED: You don't have to have a blog to enter. Just make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you if you win.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

May Fair In June

So I went to the May Fair held by Old Luckett's Store in May & I'm just posting. I'm such a slacker.
I had a ball. There was so much to look at & I got to spend some money & just take in the eye candy.

This vintage pin was my big buy. I sooo love her. It caught my eye right away. I hate it when vendors know I'm hooked :) Everyone was really nice there though. Most of them gave me good deals without me even asking. I also bought some vintage hankies, vintage buttons & vintage junk jewels to work with.
This guy had the coolest stuff! I bought some metal & wood printing press letters & designs. I got my initials & my business name initials.
I have more pics on my flickr account.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday My Love

This morning Rick was greeted by Brandon with "Daddy do you feel bigger?" At least it wasn't "Mommy, are you 125?"
We had a nice quiet day. Went to church, then lunch. For lunch we went to Applebee's since they have the Weight Watchers entrees. What did we order? Rick got a WW entree & a REAL dessert & I just ordered a REAL meal & bypassed desert. We knew what we were getting into... Or did I 41.5 points later. Let's say I'm way into my extra points for the week.
I'm so blessed to have the family I do. I don't know what I'd do without Rick. He's my rock & I'm his snotty allergic wife with bad taste in music (hee hee). I was lost when he was deployeed & it's even difficult when he's gone for a week. The boys miss him dearly. We are such a team in dealing with our family, it's hard for me when he's not here. He totally gets me & my art thing & doesn't give me a hard time (for the most part, give or take a few jokes!). At times, we reminisce about how we met & how God had a plan for the two of us. Two dogs, two boys & several thousand moves later here we are. I LOVE you honey (yes, more that sushi, beads & even the Backstreet Boys).

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bead Star Contest ~ Jewelry Stress

Yes, I know this is something I enjoy. It is also something I reallly want to spend my life doing as a job. I really want to have purpose in the time I spend away from family working. If I'm gonna be away from them, I'm gonna make it worth my while. ANYWAYS...

I entered Interweave Press's Bead Star contest. I sooooo stressed out about this one. I could only enter one piece per catagory & the catagories had to be designed with 75% of that material. I'm such a mixed material gal that I was bummed. Seriously, I think I drove my hubby mad. After all, it was only a contest about stringing beads, right? Yea, yea hea was right & now I've regained my right mind. So here they are, in no particular order. I hope to become Kelly Clarkson & not Sanjaya (how scarey he has his own Wikipedia entry). This Thursday I'll find out if something made the cut.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Show & Tell Sunday ~ Creative Storage

I'm soooo excited about this week. I LOVE to look at how everyone else is creative in their work environments. Cerri is hosting this week. So go over to take a peek at everyone who is participating. Cerri is doing her post in two instalments so we can go back tomorrow for more!!
This is my storage shelf of swaps & RAK's I've received. I keep them near for inspiration.

I've really just started to get a "studio" together & can you believe I'll be moving in July! Tis the life of a military spouse! Anyways, I don't have tons of creative storage yet, but I'm working on it. I seem to be trying to use what I have, or use stuff that I can alter or use in a way that is unexpected. The dollar bin at Target is a fave of mine!

These are some vintage glasses I own. The wide mouthed one on the left has my acrylic rhinestones. The blue Ball jar is empty at the moment. My dogs just like to hang out & guard the old stuff.

The plate rack & plates are Target finds. The plate rack is metal & allows me to store round metal containers with magnets on them (on the right side). The plates house all sorts of jewelry junk: vintage components, beads, findings. The crown on top of the plate rack was the one I received for the Crown & Tiara Swap hosted by Holly Doodle. When I'm home I keep all my jewelry tools in the tall pink paisley mug. I have a tool roll when I travel.

The green wire basket was one I received eons ago with some Bath & Body works spa products. I kept the basket for years knowing it would come in handy one day. In front of it are vintage bottles. I plan to decorate them as it was shown in Somerset Life. I'd like to hang some jewelry from the necks of the bottles.

One day, when we finally settle down (Is that even possible?) I'd like to keep my jewelry displayed around my studio. I have this cute hand my mom gave me to display all the fun rings that are currently my new obsession. I got this iron piece from Target for only $10. I plan on using it for shows & loading it up with bracelets. Right now it's in my studio on my floor with a few pieces. It just doesn't have a home.

The last thing I'd love to have is my form filled to the hilt with jewelry.

EDITED: Just had a conversation with hubby. We're leaving in 48 days. I have 3 weeks to pack. EEKKK! I'm a little stressed out. I don't let the packers have my beads & I don't think I want them with my vintage stuff too. I don't technically pack, but it's the sorting.