Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Going There, Again!

Well the dust settled after my last post.  I still get upset when I think about it though.  I've been absolutely crazy prepping for the holidays personally & professionally so I haven't been keeping up as well on my blog class.  I've vowed to set aside 1 hour each day to get caught up.  
I found this gem of a store in Athens.
The frame is option 1 to mark my photos.  I love that my name & the copyright is attached to the picture.
So this is one of the changes I'm working on.  I'm adding a frame with my title, copyright & name as part of the picture.  I'm playing with ideas as to how to mark my photos.  I was using a watermark in the corner of all my photos.  The frame idea may work with my jewelry pictures but I'm not sure I need it for my photographs. I'm not selling them, well, not right now anyways.  

Some WIP's for the upcoming holiday bazaars.  How you do deal with the issue of protecting your photographs?

This class has done so much to update my blog and then some.  It's getting there but there is still a lot to be done.  I have a new header & background.  The sidebar & about me page is getting revamped.  I have a new title!  Talk about giant steps - that's what's been great about the class.  Along with the updates, it's been helping me along the journey of where do I want to go with my art.  I've been considering who I am as a blogger & artist.  How do these moves affect me & my art?  Where am I going with all this photography?

Monday, November 8, 2010

So What's Next?

It's come down to this.  I take pictures because I love to.  I find joy looking at things from different angles & perspectives.  I challenge myself to find interesting views.  It is a passion of mine.  All this is done for pure love.  I make no money off this - I don't even try to; I just know it is a true love & passion. 

Seriously, this photo is marked as the one with the obnoxious watermark.  Does it come down to having to do this?  I hope not.  It ruins the joy of taking photos & sharing your perspective.
I started watermarking my photos a few months ago from mostly paranoia.  I don't have a huge blog following nor flickr, but I regularly post because I love to share my adventures.  I share with family & friends near & far.  I share with strangers I meet & later befriend because of similar loves.  At first I had a few instances here & there.  With the last set I just found, it puts the number of photos lifted from me at a couple of hand fulls & that's a bit too many.
Original posts of photos here & here

It breaks my heart that people would be so selfish to take others photos/artwork without attribution/permission/credit.  It breaks my heart that people do not know it is wrong to take things from the internet because it's out there.  It hurts me right now that I have to write this post.  I was so upset this morning that I was completely distracted getting ready & driving to work.  (I almost made it to work without deodorant & make up - thank goodness for the gym bag.)  Granted I made it to work just fine & split my pants - it added a giggle to my morning & put things into perspective.  It's not the worst thing that has happened to me, but I am upset.

My husband told me to report it & move on.  I've done step 1, step 2 will be difficult.  It's that passion thing. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What am I Gonna Post Next?

My current assignment for Blog Triage Class is a list of 20 things to blog about.  I Love lists!  They make me happy.  So here goes:

The Erechtheum
My favorite picture I took at the Acropolis

The pictures above are from my current trip in Athens - having a ball of course taking pictures.
  1. Before & After:  I am constantly saving inspiration, tutorials, ideas from the web.  I should show the inspiration & how my finished piece turned out.
  2. Post step by step a piece of jewelry from start to finish.
  3. List all the places I've lived & my favorite photo.
  4. New supplies
  5. Weekly post of my work table
  6. Inspiration a day + Photo
  7. Review my extensive jewelry making/beading book library
  8. Sharing art with my kids
  9. Show merchandising/table set up for shows
  10. Write about best practices for shows & ask about other's experiences
Okay, for now I could eek out 10 things can commit to posting about, all topics I'd love to do.  What's on your list?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Athens 10K - One Day Later

I've had to let some time pass before I posted to the blog.  What my blog readers don't know is that I've been training to run in my first 10K.  The event was held here in Athens along with the marathon & commemorated the 2,500 anniversary of the original marathon from Marathon to Athens.

So I ran the race & I finished - kind of.  Yes I finished the race but technically I didn't get to finish it.  I was over the allotted 90 minutes so I didn't get to run into the stadium & have my final time recorded.  I would have loved to do this.  Confession time: I didn't realize I'd have a time limit.  I found this out 3 hours before the race.  I would have to run what my next goal was, 15 minute miles & I'm not there yet.  These little legs don't move so fast!

Start line for the 10K.  We were a little crowded & inched up to the start line.  My friends that ran the marathon took 20 minutes to get to the start!
The finish at the stadium
There were so many emotions running through my head as I was running (walking).  I knew I wasn't going to finish in time.  As soon as I let go of that I was able to enjoy the race.  I found a groove & was able to have a couple of laps that were personal bests for me.  I thought about how lucky I was to be here in this amazing city celebrating a monumental anniversary.  I took some pictures along the way (of course).  I reminded myself that I was actually here doing what I set out to do.  I was also wearing my semi-fitted running pants without scaring anyone, including myself.

The 6k mark & the turnaround point at the arch

A little tiny spec of the moon

The streets of Athens

hospital - medical help anyone?

Getting lapped by the masses.  The front runner of the 10K passed me at the 1.2 mile race mark.  I got to cheer them on.

a Greek guard
 When I got home I was kinda bummed again.  It was a bittersweet moment.  I was having a hard time celebrating my accomplishments because I had it stuck in my head that I did not have an official finish.  Then all the facebook comments from family & friends started coming in.  Thanks everyone for reminding me that I accomplished my goal. 

The course
So yes, I ran & completed a 10k.   I started from not working out at all to running & training in 8 months.  When I got home & downloaded my run I realized I am really close to that 15 minute mile goal.  I've already got the next big one planned - the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  I mean, come on, can it fit me more to a tee?

LizNoel, Colleen, Rick & Linda
A big shout out to my friends in the Kuwait contingency that ran the marathon & completed it (pictured above & all smiles before the start).  What an inspiration!  They said the hills were killer.  Also to Colleen's daughters who completed the 10K in the 90 minutes.  Amazing!
Thanks to LizNoel who turned me from spectator & tourist on this trip to runner.  I think I'm hooked!  And to my husband who encourages me & sometimes has to pull me along kicking & screaming.  You always challenge me & sometimes know my limits better than I do.