Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm a Shoppin' Fool

Okay, my hubby's not reading, right? I just went shopping on Hannah Grey. I've really been wanting some vintage glass glitter and they've got it on sale. Of course I bought some other goodies: 7 Gypsies paisley rubons (how did I miss these before?), ATC card blanks and vintage wall paper. Oh, I can't wait!!

I was at the local Barnes and Noble last week and bought a ton of magazines. You would have thought I had never had magazines before. I've started reading so many other magazines since I've started blogging. Lots of you have opened my eyes to new sources for inspiration. I also picked up a Dover clip art book on butterflies and it came with a CD of all the artwork. It was marked down 50% and this will be so fun to use in my collaging.

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