Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cabinet of Curiosites: WONDER

Here's my piece for the fourth prompt WONDER. I am truely enjoying this entire process. I have stretched myself artistically and tried new techniques. It has also been great to look at other artists work. I have gotten so inspired and have lots of new ideas to try out. Getting everyones feedback and comments have really made me feel so good.

This was the starting base for my piece. I painted a few shades of lilac acrylic paint for the background and painted some swirls. Next I used a black marker to doodle paisleys. Then I used matte medium to adhere printed cream tissue paper with swirls. I don't know what inspired me to do this, but I was so excited with the result. I was actually shopping for gel medium and couldn't find any at the craft store, so I thought I'd experiment with the matte medium.

After the excitement of finishing my background subsided I wondered "What to do now..." I started looking at some images I had. I took a photograph of a tree I took in our neighborhood and put that down first and the other images just followed. I found the chandelier, bed and frame in a Anthropologie catalog. I used scrapbook stickers to spell the word wonder.
This piece reminds me of having a sanctuary or personal refuge. I have to have that one place to create, journal, daydream and wonder.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cabinet of Curiosities Challenge: DREAM

I decided to post different stages of my DREAM entry. When I started thinking about what I was going to do, I thought to myself, "I'm one lucky girl. I am living my dream right now." I am married to the man of my dreams (we celebrate year 9 this year ), I have 2 wonderful little sons that I get to spend every day with, I am working with a life coach to realize some long time dreams/goals, I'm not working some crappy job I took because I had to take it, and I'm in the midst of a creativity explosion.

I started out by painting a few shades of acrylic paint in pink for my background. Then I tore scrapbook paper and attached it with matte medium. I just learned this tearing thing from someone in one of my scrapbooking clubs.

Next I added a few more floral pieces of paper and a photo of our current house that I played with on the computer. Then I doodled hearts and swirls with my favorite silver metalic marker and added the phrase "Home is where my heart is."

Lastly, I added pictures of my family, a photo of one of my favorite necklaces I made, and some pictures of art supplies. I am really enjoying this process. Not to mention, looking at other great artists' work, learning the ins and outs of blogging, and learning how cool flickr is. I must make moo cards once I get enough pictures on there!

That's Me

Well, until I can figure out to get a picture of me over there with my about me profile this will hang out over here. This blog thing and flickr are still pretty new to me.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mosaic Pendant

I just made this pendant today at Sparkles Bead Shop and had a great time. I've been making jewelry for almost 9 years and have never taken a class. I've finally just started buying kits and took the plunge and took a class. I'm at a point where I want to learn new techniques and work with other artists. Anne, our instructor, was great and shared lots of tid bits. I can't wait to take another class. One of my goals this year is to take 2 classes. I'm hoping to take another one in the fall at BeadFest or WireFest.

Cabinet of Curiosities Challenge: Curiosity

This is the second post for the Cabinet of Curiosities challenge hosted by Bonnie and Kari. This piece was done using the collage method in Sally Jean Alexandar's book Pretty Little Things. (I am obsessed with HER and her BOOK. What an artist!
I'm not sure I'm really digging my interpretation for this challenge. This was the order: magazine image, ink doodles, chalk, stamping, paint, scratchng off, and lastly 3-D. It was defintely something new for me. I've never done this process before. Collaging is actually something very new to me. I don't normally work in these colors either, burnt orange, cornflower blue and pastel yellow. It's starting to grow on me.
I had to start a new blog due to issues signing in on my other account. My other posts are here.