Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am a Blog Triage Participant

I took the plunge & decided to take a class led by Alyson Stanfield & Cynthia MorrisThe class has so many things on my "to do but haven't got to" list.

Our first assignment is to write about who our audience is.  I've been staring at a blank screen & sighing for 20 minutes now.  I selfishly started this blog for my self during a tough time in my life.  It's changed & grown with me, but 4 years later, I can't even write about who my blog is directed to or who my current readers are. 

Yikes, my first blog post ever! Thank goodness the blogging & photos have improved.

Well here goes:

  • Most likely female.  Appreciates vintage, pink froufy glittery stuff & handmade one of a kind pieces.   May be an artist themselves & fellow blogger.  Is or aspires to be a girlie girl.
  • Someone who is up for a journey & adventures.  With my art work, I blog about the process.  There are pictures of Works in Progress (WIP's), new supplies, places I shop.  In regards to my life, I move all the time & document the multitude of things that inspire me about our current location. 
  • I'd love to connect with other like minded artists or people who have an affinity for artisan crafts.  Sometimes the connection begins with having lived in a particular area (I get around!) or loving some of the same blogs.  Just the smallest thing can spark a connection & that has happened with several friendships I've made.
What do I want from blogging?
  • Blogging has been so good for me these past few years.  It gives me a place to have a voice, a place to show my art.  It's been a place to grow as an artist within my craft & to find confidence in my art.  I've been inspired by other bloggers to look at every day things in a different way.  I sure am a better photographer these days!  I would like to go to the next level with all this & improve
  • I love the interaction & connection with other bloggers.  I enjoy this "network" of artists.  
  • Of course, I'd love to use my blog to showcase my art & drive sales.  My ultimate goal is to make income for my family from my art.  I am still clearing the path to find my way.  Lately there have been many forks in the road & I've been non-committal in selecting one.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

About Time For Some Jewelry

The newest beauty I made.  The flowers are from Paula's Kit Club (French General)  I love all the shades of blue in this one (you'll see more below).  The piece started with the flowers & built from there.
More Arabesque style pendants.  I love the class I took from LB o J'zazz.  I'm ready to take more.  The class has really inspired me to start working with seed beads again.  I've pulled out books I purchased eeons ago (Bead Fantasies series) & never made a project from.  (I enjoyed looking at them for inspiration)
I bought this pendant when I went home to FL.  Maybe I'm still inspired which accounts for the blue kick I'm on.  I need to find the artists card.  She made all sorts of fun pendants & has an etsy store. 
Who knew this lovely would ever be completed?  The middle component, all the wired beads, has been sitting in my bead stash forever.  I kid you not, it's been years.  Finally a beautiful piece I'm happy with!  

A grouping of pieces in various stages of completion.  I worked on all of these during a local Meet & Bead session (gotta love the LB o J'zazz ladies).  I should get my stuff together & finish all of them up.  The 2 necklaces are complete :)
So there it is, an update, Finally!  I've been busy with my jewelry making but still on the fence about where to go with it.  I have a huge holiday bazaar in the pipeline so I'm busy with that.  Hopefully I can enjoy the process preparing for the bazaar & find some clarity along the way.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arab Fund Building

Tile work by front door
Photo of Atrium & Bridge
Table in the Mamluk Room
Looking up in the Atrium - Antique piece on the right
The Tunesian Room - I loved the vibe in this room
The Damascene room
A spiral staircase with inlaid wood & a gorgeous lighting fixture.  I couldn't do this justice.
Detail of a massive door.
In love with all the lighting in this place.  This one was no exception.
The view up from the Atrium floor
The fountain in the Atrium
My favorite piece of art in the building
It's hard to decide where to begin writing about the Arab Fund Building because there was so much to see & digest in the 2 1/2 hour tour.  This massive building is impressive from the moment you walk through the giant doors that greet you.
Each room we toured was decorated in it's own motif.  All of the rooms have a particular shape or pattern that is carried through out the designs in the lighting fixtures, furniture, & rugs.   Throughout the building are impressive collections of antiques & artwork created by local artists.  The smallest detail does not go unlooked.  In many of the rooms, great care is taken to hide electrical cords, vents & storage areas.  Some highlights include:
  •  The library with its spiral staircase made of inlaid wood leading up to one of the many beautiful chandeliers.
  • The atrium area, which was just massive.  It included tapestries, chandeliers, more antique furniture pieces & a beautiful view of the rooms with glass walls & intricate wood carved paneling.  There was a small fountain in the middle surrounded by trees & birdcages complete with birds.  Here we were served refreshments during the tour.
  • One of my favorite rooms (Mamluk Room)  was completely full of wood carved wall panels, book cases & included the entire ceiling.  The massive table has inlaid mother of pearl shell.  We were told this room is a favorite meeting room for the British embassy.  Some of the wall panels could be moved to fully expose the windows, otherwise light shines though the carvings.
  • One of the first rooms we toured on the first floor had some very intricately designed brass tables with Arabic sayings.  The sign on top that says "No Smoking" also matches. 
  • The doors to every room is an absolutely stunning work of art.
  • What tour takes you to the parking garage?  Yes, even the garage here is impressive & impeccable.  
My "I was there" photo.

For Locals:
They offer tours for small groups so get some of your friends together & go. There is no charge for the tour which includes refreshments & a double DVD set with pictures of the rooms & the artwork. Our tour guide knew so much about the building & its history. He shared his knowledge freely & answered all questions. This is a must see for anyone interested in arts & history, but should be on anyone's list that visits Kuwait.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Obsessed - More Pictures of Kuwait

I know, I know.  It's been picture overload of Kuwait, but I just can't help it.  The weather is starting to cool down (yes, 94 degrees constitutes time to use the sunroof) & I've been keeping busy with activities. The Radisson Hotel here in Kuwait does dhow cruises.  We went last year & enjoyed it so much that we went again.  Good food, good friends & a great opportunity to play with my camera!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Welcome Delivery

This is what 150 new mattresses being delivered looks like!  It was a happy sight to see.  New mattresses & covers were delivered to the Philippine Embassy shelter last week & I was privileged to be there to document it.  I've been so busy with my new schedule that I've had to put my volunteer work on the back burner for awhile.  I miss it & my friends, but I hope to be back in the thick of things soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Views From the Radisson Dhow

I am truly enjoying finding the beautiful views here in Kuwait!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Me & Donkey, or is it a Burro?
Handicrafts galore!  I love all the colors!
The Mexican flag & horse drawn carriage.
The water in Cozumel.  It was so blue it didn't look real.
Out at sea
So here are some of the pictures from our Summer vacation - the cruise.  I know it's Fall in many areas, including Kuwait.  We finally turned our water heater on.  (Our water tank is on the roof & is sufficiently heated for most of the year by our friend the sun.).  Cool here is 94 degrees in the evening with a slight breeze - I kid you not!

My hubby & I were super lucky to get away for a few days on a cruise while the kids got Lolo & Lola time.  Our port of call was Cozumel.  I had never been to Mexico nor had I been in the water with sting rays & snorkeling.  I was feeling a bit adventurous & I'm quite glad I did.  Sometimes it's great to get out of that comfort zone.  All this coming from someone who gets squeamish when small schools of fish swim by my ankles.  

Wanted a fancy drink badly.  Got one that matched my top :)

The back of the ship.
Me & "my friend" Lupita
So I guess I'll post more vacation pics in another post.  At this rate I should have all of them up in time for Christmas!