Monday, December 31, 2007

Blogger Award... 7 Random Things About Me

Thank you again, Miss Julie! This is gonna be fun.
  1. I watch all sorts of things of tv. Of course there's the sports thing (read the random silliness on the sidebar, yes it's true). There's of course the craft thing (HGTV, DIY, Martha Stewart). I could watch the Food Network all day. Here's a sampling: FSU college football, Poker, Matlock, B Original, Craft Lab & anything on the Food Network.

  2. I am Magellan. If I don't get lost, it's not a Nerissa trip. I've called home asking where I am. And, no, I don't want a GPS for my birthday or Christmas. That would be way too practical. Like the Christmas of my sophomore year of college, my dad got me a cell phone.

  3. I can shop anywhere. It doesn't matter if it's Nordstom or Target.

  4. Yes, I scream at the TV watching an ESPN classic game that was played 10 years ago.
  5. I live in organized chaos. I live out of my planner with to do lists, I am punctual, but my work space is a disaster. Right now my work space is my car. I told my mother in law I cleaned & and she said "Are you sure." Yes, it was that bad.

  6. My mom is known as Filipino Martha Stewart. Hee hee, I'm rather proud of it too. She's the best Chrstmas decorator. She always has these "themed trees". My fave is the blue & silver. I'll have to dig up a picture.

  7. Heidi Swapp bling: crowns

  8. My inspirations: toile, damask, paisley, crowns, pink (no duh), Country Living, just about anything put out by Stampington & Co, my sidebar of blogs I stalk, swirlies, obviously bead magazines. Okay I think the list is long enough & you get the point.

Feel free to comment if you wanna join in the 7 randoms list. I did one before, so you can go read that one & have 14 weirdo things about me.

Pay It Forward

I've read a few blogs with Pay It Forward (PIF). I was looking around Etsy & found Sandra. You must also go look at her blog. Her jewelry is absolutely to die for!
The premise is similar to a RAK. Here's what's on Sandra's blog:

This is the concept (verbatim from Dawn Chastain's blog, who took it from Carol Deans blog, who took it from Linda's blog who took it from Carla):"Pay it forward rules: I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a Comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange, and who make the same pledge on their own blogs . I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise! The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward."

Since I've read about this a few times, I thought I'd jump in. It seems like so much fun. So, the next 3 people to comment & say they want in are in. I'm going to attempt to make a blog button for this. I'm really stretching the word attempt. Since I'm not a digital person, we'll see what happens. I could possibly come up with the world's ugliest blog button... Ha ha!

Vintage pic courtesy of playingwithbrushes on flickr.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas

It's been such a wonderful, relaxing holiday season with family (aside from the occasional terrible two outburst from our mini-man). The picture above is not the best family portrait. Josh decided to lay down & I'm not home to edit out the extra crap in the picture, but it will do.
The boys & I also had the opportunity to go to the carolling on the Mall to watch our family perform with their church. Josh got to ride the Metro for the first time.
I've had some free time to make jewelry since we've been here. I was on an earring spree yesterday. Here are 3 pairs I made. I'm still kind of in a pearl mode. This pair is made of glass pearls & pineapple quartz briolettes wrapped with wire. The other 2 pairs are made with Swarovski crystals. The pink pair has an enamel & Swarovski bead on the end & the turquoise pair has cloisonne & a decorative bali headpin.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Not Your Grandma's Pearls

I loved making the first necklace so much I made another one. I think I like the second one even more. I went shopping at Accents Beads when we got to Maryland. I've been shopping there for years now. There was a sale on Czech glass & I picked up the beautiful green/aqua/white rondelle beads. I used some pretty aquamarine Swarovski crystals that had a lemon coating applied on it. The colors just all worked together. I don't think I'm goning to part with this one. I'm planning on wearing it for Christmas eve services tonight.
I also finished the special order for my friend. It was a challenge to finish because everyone in the family having some sort of sickness & I was trying to get packed up for the trip to Maryland. I finshed it & I'm happy with how it turned out. It's really pretty. I used Czech beads, Swarovski crystals, raku beads, carnelian, jasper, jade & a few vintage beads.
The last piece I'm finishing up is this red one. It has another one of my new beautiful siliders. It's made of Czech firepolish glass & coral. More new purchases from Accents Beads.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A few New Pieces

I've been busy. Things have been really crazy around here. I'm still working on squishing more projects to complete. The brown necklace is a special order for a friend of mine. The blue one is for me, I think. I really like it, but I ran out of pearls & crystals. I HATE when that happens, especially when you're inspired. I have more of the crystals in a smaller size, but I need to get more pearls. I love the center piece. I ordered a bunch of new sliders & LOVE every single one of them. I have a ton, so I'll be busy for awhile.
I also have some new ornaments I've been working on. I made a pink "love" one for me. I hung it by our cluster of family pictures. Unfortunately, these will probably be the only pictures I'll hang in this house since we're moving again this coming summer. Tis the life of a military family. I'm also making some "Peace" ornaments for military families as gifts. Too bad I thought of this so late in the game. They are in red, white, blue, gold & silver themes.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Or rather, I should be saying it. Thanks to Gina & her ornament post. I can't get enough of these. I finished my first box of 6 the same day I bought them. I had to run back out today & buy more glass balls from AC Moore & Michaels.
The insides are filled with glitter, sequins, fake snow, diamond dust, & seed beads. I can't wait to see what else I can stuff into these things: vintage papers, vellum, collage sheets on acetate. I've decorated the outsides with glitter sticker letters & rhinestones. I even tried out the Staz On ink pad on them. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE sparkle?

Friday, December 7, 2007

A few New WIP

Another green piece. I'm still not done with it. I thing I'm going to add 2 more strands of Czech firepolish crystals. I love the pendant. It's big & swingy & it has a crown. There is also coral, turquoise, Bali silver, & a raku bead.

This bracelet is a simple design. It has a rhondite stone, raku bead, vintage bead, Swarovski crystals, MOP shell & Czech firepolish crystals. I sill need to add the extender chain & dangles.
I've been frantically working to prepare for my next open house. I bought these ugly dollar store mirrors & couldn't stand how they looked. So, here's one I've started to collage & alter. I still need to add a quote & some bling. She's gonna be cute.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

We've Been Elfed

Go watch this & make your own. The kids & I had tons of laughs. My sister did her family (there's only 3 of them, so she did their dog as the 4th member). Hours of fun! Brandon, the non crying child in the clip, said he has a big noggin head. Josh sits in front of the computer & says "ada" "da" (dad).
Vintage Ephemera courtesy of CrankyDragon.

Yea, I Made it

I just completed my first open house. It was such a nice setting; all the moms from one of my playgroups. I sold a few pieces & got a special order.
I wasn't too nervous during the show, just prepping before. I had never set up a table so I was experimenting. I think I need a little more height for next time. I also was low on inventory, since I have 20 pieces consigned. I wish I took better pictures. Oh well, you learn from experiences. I have another show in a week & a half. Off to make more pieces.
New earrings I couldn't wait to make after the show. They're a little on the heavy side because of the raku beads. Besides the raku there are Bali silver decorative headpins, Czech firepolish rondell, & a reallly cool beadcap. When I first got the caps, I had no idea what to do with them. They're HUGE. I turned them upside down, curled the ends & was very happy with the result. I'll be adding this to my Etsy store.