Saturday, July 21, 2012

Farm Life

taking a break on the job

the girls & babies pen

brandon & grandma driving the poop vacuum - yes, there is
such a thing

left behind - josh not quite old enough to drive the tractor with grandma


gustave "gus"

josh doing some hard work

What an amazing experience it has been for my mini-men this summer.  The kids are learning to live with me instead of a maid (haha) & doing chores.  They do everyday things like laundry, making their bed & helping with dishes.  Here in MD they also help with the dogs & alpacas. This city girl takes photos & observes. I have to say, I've come a long way since visiting the first time as Rick's girlfriend.  I used to say they lived out in "the sticks".  Rick chased me at the farm store with dried chicken feet - I went to a farm store for the first time in my life!  Ha ha!

Love this life we live! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

44 (long, hot) Hours

i couldn't get a good shot of this but a huge part
of a tree landed on  some power lines

we cheered everytime we passed a work crew

I consider us one of the lucky ones.  The MD/DC/VA area had a nasty storm that swept through on Friday evening June 29th.  Saturday morning many woke up to no power, downed trees & power lines & destruction.  We went through 2 nights & most of 2 days without power.  My family has a generator that kept the refrigerators & freezers going & running water. 

lots of downed limbs

this is a tree in my family's yard. there was a huge split in the middle of the trunk.

We got away from the heat by visiting nearby Frederick & Hagerstown.  I couldn't help snapping some photos as we were out.  I took these at Hagerstown.  

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

land of the free 4x6 canvas panel
mixed media: acrylics, inks, decorative papers, German dresden

Thank you to all that serve.  I celebrate today with potato salad & grilling because of your sacrifices.  I am thinking of all my friends in Kuwait supporting the mission.  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Little Road Trip

road trip!

A few months ago, I found out one of my favorite teachers Traci Bautista would be attending the Great American Scrapbooking Convention as an instructor.  I could not believe it would be happening while I was in the states & in my backyard.  I asked Grandma & Grandpa if they'd watch the kids while I took a little road trip.

me & Traci

It's always something for me to meet someone I've taken classes with online or "met" creatively via swaps or blogging.  Traci did not disappoint!  Her class was fun & she shared lots of ideas, techniques, favorite things to do & supplies.  It was so sweet that she remembered me from the online classes I've taken.  She sent me home with some mixed media supplies knowing I don't have access to much in Kuwait.

look, i got my book signed!

My canvas while a WIP

Many of the found papers I was working on for my book.
The manila folder in the foreground is the cover for my journal.

Traci doing a demo for us
Traci's sample

So I still have to finish my journal.  I have all the pages done.  I'd like to add more to the cover & I have to stitch it together.  I'd really like to complete it since I'd like to use it as my summer journal.  I'm thinking of titling it "3 Months, 3 Countries".  Yep, that's the summer for me & the mini-men!

more demos - assembling the journal

If you have the chance I highly recommend taking a class with Traci.  The class time flew by, but I learned so much & had a chance to experiment with some new techniques & supplies.  She is a creative soul with a very kind heart!  I am so happy the timing was perfect for me to take a class with her.

The following are pieces I worked on during the scrap night.  This was what I posted on my FB page:
So I don't scrapbook & didn't even go to the convention. I just wanted to take a few classes. I even
went to an evening scrap session, but I made canvases. I always just do my own thing...

I just want to be around other creative people, that's all!

authentic 5x7 canvas panel WIP 

cupcake doodles 5x7 canvas panel WIP

home is where the heart is 6x12 canvas panel WIP

dancer 5x7 canvas panel WIP

to travel is to evolve 4x6 canvas panel WIP