Thursday, March 22, 2007

Computer Genius, I am NOT

Alright, who wants a good laugh? I know enough on the computer to get around, but nothing technical. That's what my husband's there for. (Supposedly he's the stupid computer person in his family. Wonder what my title would be?)

Anyways... I am getting ready to FINALLY sell my artwork and open an Etsy store. I thought, "Yeah, I'll just make my banner, pictured above, and slap it on there." Ha, nice thought. I have to deal with pixels and crap. And it's supposed to look professional and there's my little handmade collage. I have no idea how to use Photoshop and I don't even have that program. I tried to scan this down and shrink it. I finally found something on my dad's computer that would show me what the pixel size for Etsy looked like. I had to laugh. It only covered the upper most pink corner in the top left. I decided to have a professional make one for me. I crack myself up sometimes.

EDITED: If your interested in your own banner & avatar, go see Briana. Great work, super efficient & oh so helpful to a novice like me.

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karin said...

You are so funny! But I'm right there with you......Except my husband is clueless when it comes to computers..... So no help there. Your banner is cute though! Karin @