Saturday, March 24, 2007

Playing with the New Goodies

I have to laugh sometimes, or a lot of times. I spend LOTS of money on art supplies. All my fun money goes to art supplies. Then I go and make these little 1" square pendants. With all the stuff I have, shouldn't I have sufficient materials to work with since I'm only using 2 1x1 squares per pendant? Anyways... I'm way into rub-ons, stamping with embossing powder, and layering vellum. It's love...

I'm hoping these will end up on my Etsy shop. And check out Briana's store. She designed the banner and avatar for my store. I TOTALLY love it!!

I'm trying to do other initials besides "N". Otherwise I'd have to keep them all and tell my husband I'm not selling any.


zorana said...

The banner and avatar look very professional! Good luck with your etsy store. I'm sure it will be great :-)

Anonymous said...

Such fun goodies!!!! I wish you the best in your new etsy adventure!!!!