Thursday, March 8, 2007

Shower WIP and Craft Store Run

I love any excuse to go to the craft store. Like I need a reason. And every payment out of my fun account is to the craft store. Sometimes I question whether I have an addiction to craft supplies/stores.

Here are the bottles, full of the mints. I went to Michaels since the mints were on sale and to get some ribbon to tie the pendants to the bottles.

This is the pic of the other goodies I could not resist. The stamp was 40% off and I've been looking for a form. The ribbons have paisleys on them and they were only $1.99 and they were in my favorite color combos. The little frame is pink and sparkley and out of the dollar bin, so I had to have it. It will look cute in the craft room somewhere. The book was the big buy. It has 8x8 pages that are perforated and ready to put into scrapbooks. It also comes with a CD and you can print every single element. I LOVE it. There was also a cute one for family and babies. I'm thinking to buying the baby one for my sister.

Here's the second batch of initial pendants. Man, I'm gonna be a soldering fool. My mom said not to make one for her. Yeah, she's only the grandmother to be of the princess. Not an option. I think I like this batch more than the first ones. I may re-do some of the other ones. Yeah, I know, I'm crazy. The shower in on the 17th!

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Bejeweled said...

What wonderful finds! Michaels always has such great sale items and it's lovely to just browse through all the wonderful supplies for inspiration.