Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stepping Out of the Box

Storyboard: Sassy Designs - Border: Allison Pennington - Doodles: Ida

I did quite a few things that were not my norm on this vacation.  When do I pass up a shopping tour?  Well, I did, in favor of swimming with Sting rays.  I'd also like to mention I went & did that on my own.  My hubby is a certified diver & I am not so we did separate activities in the morning. We were fortunate enough to take a cruise to Cozumel, a first time visit for me to Mexico.  Normally I get very squeamish when fish are swimming around my ankles.  Who knows what came over me.  String Ray Beach was great.  I felt totally at ease feeding & hanging out with them.  After the sting rays I went over on the other side to snorkel & yes another first!  I can't wait to get my photos developed from the water camera. Other highlights: I wanted a blue drink & I got a pretty aqua martini to match my top, riding the train at Disney with my boys, dressing up for dinner on the cruise (I wore a dress almost every night), attempting to eat healthy on the boat, & visiting Silver Springs for the first time.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

So Many Beads...

Digital Brushes: Hof3 Magical Brush Kit & Class

... so little time.  August came & is almost gone.  We had a lovely trip back to the states & 3 weeks went by so quickly.  We packed so much in there!  I even surprised myself & did a few things that aren't really me.  Like, I left ALL my jewelry supplies & tools at home.  I chose to swim with sting rays over the shopping trip.  I took lots of photos to document all this - which is so very me ;)  I hope to blog soon to add the photos & post about our experiences.  It was great to arrive stateside & have the agent in customs say "Welcome Home".  It's kinda cool to have a few places I call home.