Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why My Laundry Isn't Getting Done

This blogstacular OWOH event is so much fun. I can't even tell you about all the cool people I've met & blogs I would have never found. I found the cutest whimsical Valentine cards to download from Vanessa. It's on her sidebar. Go take a look at her work while your at it. AMAZING. I printed up the cards & am going to incorporate them into some collaged Valentines for family & friends.
I found these cute plates at Target for only $1.99 apiece. I'm trying to find my "look " to merchandise & brand my jewelry so I've been experimenting. I love crowns, damask, swirls & flowers. I thought these plates would make nice display pieces on my table for open houses. We'll see how it looks. I'm fortunate enough to be selling my jewelry on Valentines Day for our OSC function. I need to take more pictures of my open houses.
Here's a new ring I made. I've been wearing it since it's my favorite pink & I happened to make it in my size. Hee-hee. If you noticed, my pictures look a little different. I found out by accident that I own Microsoft Picture It. I can now add softened edges, texts, & shapes. I really wish I could "draw" on them. I'd have swirls galore. Like I've written before, I am not computer savvy. I'm barely literate, in fact. I couldn't believe we owned the program. I kept asking my husband when we got it & he kept looking at me like "What's the big deal?" I'm still playing around with the program & taking pictures (like the shadows on the plates). Isn't it funny that the days you want to take pics, it's cloudy outside & the days you don't it's sunny. Grrrr.... :)
I may try to make my own blog banner. Hee hee. I had a lame attempt quite some time ago. I saw a tutorial using PowerPoint, which I've become somewhat proficient with. Bonnie also has a tutorial on the Snap & Scrap blog. Spreaking of, I'll be a featured artist with an interview & basic earring tutorial. I'll let you know when it's up. Take a look at the blog, though, there are lots of great tutorials on digital scrapping & paper crafts.

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Fabulous Finds Studio said...

I love your new pink ring, should definitely make some of those to sell! I love the "Grandmother's pearls" necklace you have in your Etsy pretty!

Best Wishes,