Friday, February 22, 2008

What I've Been Up To

I taught a basic jewelry class Wednesday & came out to this. It snowed for 3 hours & all I got was this. I'm such a kid when it comes to snow. Actually, our whole family loves it when it snows. For my husband & I, it is probably a product of living in the South for too long & 3 years in Phoenix, AZ.
The class was fun. I love to see what students will come up with. It's always nice to get a different point of view. This is what I worked on. I'm still on this "slider as a pendant" kick.
I met with a stamping club that I'm a part of. I don't really "stamp" or make cards when I go. I bring my bag or basket with all sorts of collage goodies. I've worked on paperdoll dresses & a crown. This past week I did a couple of journals & started on my Hanging Up Springtime Swap. I've seen a couple of participants are done with their swap pieces already (here & here!) The fun thing about the swap is we are making 6 different items & will in return get 6 items back from different artists.
I had an open house last week with the OSC. There weren't a lot of people in attendance, but I still did pretty well. I managed to sell the ring off my finger. (Thanks Kim!) That ring seems to be a hit. I've also recieved 4 other special orders for it. I forgot to bring some of my paper mache dress forms, so my table didn't have much height. I've been loading up the full size dress form in lots of items in the same color scheme. When I do it, it looks full, but when I look at the picture it doesn't look so full. I also need to remember to take pictures when I finish setting up & not at the end!


Jen ~ ARTful Dreamer said...

The journals are wonderful Nerissa! What a fabby idea to use a dress form for your displays. I find the camera gives a very unbiased look at an item. Many times I finish creating a piece thinking it looks completed, but when I take the photo it looks as though it needs a little something yet. I always go by the camera's eye. If it looks good on camera, I know it is ready to go :~)

We are getting buried with snow around here too! It feels like Spring will never arrive. said...

Its nice to hear someone be happy about snow, there is a lot of grousing around here, it has been a yucky winter in the midwest!