Monday, February 11, 2008

More New Work

I'm still on my collaging kick. I finished this journal Saturday night. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I had a fun time because Brandon asked if he could do artwork with me. He really is such a creative guy. His teacher keeps pointing it out to me & I really see it at home. I just want to keep fostering that. The only problem is that he keeps wanting my GOOD stuff. One time he took my Making Memories ultrafine glitter. He couldn't use his Wal-Mart tube! Thank goodness he didin't get into the glass glitter.
Here's the balance of my Valentine magnets. I think I'm done. I made a list of people, of course, but I just kept making the clothespins because they are so much fun! I even made a few for me (the monogram "N" ones - check out the one with the crown)


Angela said...

Congrats, you've won my OWOH giveaway! Please send me your address at with the subject line "One World, One Heart". :-D said...

It doesn't take them long ot know the differance does it?? My little grandbaby wanted to play with my vintage wallpaper so badly, that I had to give her a small piece of it, and she kept saying "wow". She knew it was better than the other paper I tried to pawn off on her.

And you have a smart kid, glitter glue just isn't the same creature as the good stuff!