Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me & Brandon

I really should have a birthday week. I started celebrating yesterday. Brandon's birthday is this weekend so we should just party all week. Our birthdays are only 5 days apart. Last night I decided to make a boxed cake on the spur of the moment and Brandon had a practice birthday cake. Yes, I know they cakes aren't pretty, but they sure were yummy. I am not a baker!!
I spent yesterday at St. Michael's MD. I just love that area. We used to live in Easton, also a wonderful town. I went to a store called What's This What's That. The owner was our neighbor in Easton and I went to go show her some of my artwork. I had never gone to a store to try and sell my wares before. I am just not a salesperson for my own work. I think it was less intimidating to do this with someone I know. She ended up not buying anything this time, but it's given me some confidence and ideas of what to do. I picked up the funniest set of cards from her store. Take a look... It's from a company called She She Me. They've got another cute set I must have.
While I was there I went to my favorite restaurant, The Crab Claw. I love this place. I sat right on the water and enjoyed my favorite, soft shell crab. It's probably good we don't live 10 minutes from there anymore cause I could eat there every other day. My last stop was at Coco & Company. The website doesn't do it justice. They sell a little of everything; stationary, handbags, furniture and home accessories. I got the cutest vintage book there. It's my first one. It's got several operas inside and has the plays, illustrations and sheet music.
If you are ever in the area, you must visit St Michaels. There's a ton of shops I could live in and I so enjoy sitting out by the water.
The boys stayed home with my husband. He's just the greatest. Saturday night he decided they would stay home instead of tagging along. He knew I'd have my mind on the meeting and didn't want me stressed out. Brandon was promised waffles with chocolate syrup for breakfast. Then I woke up this morning and he had a little surprise waiting for me on the dining room table. He had already bought me golf lessons, so we could golf together. But sitting on our table was a pink coffee mug and a gift card to Starbucks. He's the best!


Anonymous said...

What fun what fun!! I woulda ate some crab with you!!!!!! I llluuuvvv crab. Mmm, looks like you got good shopping in tooooo! Lucky gurl! Happy happy birthday to you!
Happy happy birthday to Brandon!
Happy birrthday to you twoooo :)

Katie Jean said...

I'm going to have to go there sometime. I'm realy not far from it actually. My in-law love going to St. Michaels