Monday, June 2, 2008

Show & Tell Sunday ~ Creative Storage

I'm soooo excited about this week. I LOVE to look at how everyone else is creative in their work environments. Cerri is hosting this week. So go over to take a peek at everyone who is participating. Cerri is doing her post in two instalments so we can go back tomorrow for more!!
This is my storage shelf of swaps & RAK's I've received. I keep them near for inspiration.

I've really just started to get a "studio" together & can you believe I'll be moving in July! Tis the life of a military spouse! Anyways, I don't have tons of creative storage yet, but I'm working on it. I seem to be trying to use what I have, or use stuff that I can alter or use in a way that is unexpected. The dollar bin at Target is a fave of mine!

These are some vintage glasses I own. The wide mouthed one on the left has my acrylic rhinestones. The blue Ball jar is empty at the moment. My dogs just like to hang out & guard the old stuff.

The plate rack & plates are Target finds. The plate rack is metal & allows me to store round metal containers with magnets on them (on the right side). The plates house all sorts of jewelry junk: vintage components, beads, findings. The crown on top of the plate rack was the one I received for the Crown & Tiara Swap hosted by Holly Doodle. When I'm home I keep all my jewelry tools in the tall pink paisley mug. I have a tool roll when I travel.

The green wire basket was one I received eons ago with some Bath & Body works spa products. I kept the basket for years knowing it would come in handy one day. In front of it are vintage bottles. I plan to decorate them as it was shown in Somerset Life. I'd like to hang some jewelry from the necks of the bottles.

One day, when we finally settle down (Is that even possible?) I'd like to keep my jewelry displayed around my studio. I have this cute hand my mom gave me to display all the fun rings that are currently my new obsession. I got this iron piece from Target for only $10. I plan on using it for shows & loading it up with bracelets. Right now it's in my studio on my floor with a few pieces. It just doesn't have a home.

The last thing I'd love to have is my form filled to the hilt with jewelry.

EDITED: Just had a conversation with hubby. We're leaving in 48 days. I have 3 weeks to pack. EEKKK! I'm a little stressed out. I don't let the packers have my beads & I don't think I want them with my vintage stuff too. I don't technically pack, but it's the sorting.


Mya said...

Your storage is great. You poor girl having to move again. Where are you headed this time. Good luck and get packing, girl.

karin@creativechaos said...

Yikes...I couldn't even imagine movers touching my craft stuff. They would probably fold the scrapbookpaper or something. And could you imagine them packing the beads and findings!?! They would just dump it all into one big bag.... :) Where are you all moving to? Sending good moving and packing vibes your way!!!

Cindy Dean said...

I understand being the military wife and moving. Been there and done retired, but I think I have moved more since we got out! So where are you going now? I wish you the best and keep an eye on those packers. Be extra picky and they will take better care of your stuff! I hope you will blog about your adventure!

Danielle said...

I had so much fun today looking through everyone's studios. I just recently was able to devote an entire room as my studio & am having a blast making it beautiful!!

Good luck on the move!

rosabeer said...

Thank you for looking through to your studio.
Good luck with the packing.

Steph said...

Hi there from a first time visitor and fellow military spouse/studio mover extraordinaire! If there's one thing the constant moving does, it makes you think creatively, doesn't it? We recently moved over the holidays and I am still getting things situated. Realy enjoyed my visit- specially love the hand and bust forms. Good looking and stylish storage- what more can you ask for? Good luck with the move....

Creating Myself said...

Love that hand! Good luck w/ the packing! Cami

Jeanie said...

I can't bear the thought of packing and moving my art/craft stuff! Isn't Target's dollar store terrific? Thanks for the tour!

Bejeweled said...

What a wonderful tour of your studio! We shop alike :) I've been eyeing those target tiered racks for weeks now :) And that dressform is looking simply beautiful!!

Moving in 48 days - wow! I'd want to pack my studio supplies myself too. Beads and jewelry are so small and delicate and of course, I'd want to unpack the art stuff right away and it would go faster if I knew where everything was :)

Have fun packing!! Do you know where you are moving to yet?