Monday, June 16, 2008

Feelin' the Love ~ Thank You

I told my hubby that I've felt like a "Bead Politician" the last few days. I've been campaigning for your votes to become a Bead Star.
I am so overwhelmed by the words, support & votes from family, friends, blog friends & complete strangers I've met along the way. I think things really started sinking in Thursday night. I couldn't sleep as I thought of local friends here in Dover telling me they'll miss me next year. I have friends that had all their family members & friends vote for me. One of my sister's friends worked as a jewelry photographer for HSN & sent her some great advice to pass on to me. I have all sorts of new people visiting my blog & leaving such nice comments. I have blog friends that did a post to vote for me. I completely feel like a winner with all this love around me. Thank you!


Cindy Dean said...

You are a bead star! I hope you win. And if by chance you don't you'll have at least tried and that is what matters.

Wendy said...

You deserve all the love! You're an amazing artist and person. And I wish you nothing but happiness and success!

Linda said...

I just went and voted for you dear. You earrings are gorgeous! I hope you win.