Wednesday, June 11, 2008

May Fair In June

So I went to the May Fair held by Old Luckett's Store in May & I'm just posting. I'm such a slacker.
I had a ball. There was so much to look at & I got to spend some money & just take in the eye candy.

This vintage pin was my big buy. I sooo love her. It caught my eye right away. I hate it when vendors know I'm hooked :) Everyone was really nice there though. Most of them gave me good deals without me even asking. I also bought some vintage hankies, vintage buttons & vintage junk jewels to work with.
This guy had the coolest stuff! I bought some metal & wood printing press letters & designs. I got my initials & my business name initials.
I have more pics on my flickr account.

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Thrifty Miss Priss said...

I had the best time at the Lucketts fair too! I wish it were more often, but then it wouldn't be so special! Good luck with the move! Charlottesville is beautiufl!