Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please Help Me Become the Next Bead Star

Seriously, I'm having another "are you kidding me?" moment. I went to see if any of my pieces got selected & there were my little crystal earrings. My sister called me just as I started stalking the website. The crystal category is the first one listed & I'm #20. I started scrolling down then just screamed for joy. Sorry, Lex! You know I just can't believe it when stuff like this happens to me :)

Ok, so here's my ad. Please go vote for me. Click on the header on the page to vote. You'll have to enter your email addy & vote in each category for your vote to count. You know I don't even mind not winning the whole thing. I just wanna be published. It's wonderful this blog community, you get "it" & me & my crazy ideas !

Thanks in advance. The voting runs until next Thursday June 18th.
Know what, I think I'm gonna do a giveaway! If you go vote, comment on this post & I'll do a little ring assortment & collage goodies for you.
EDITED: You don't have to have a blog to enter. Just make sure you leave an email address so I can contact you if you win.


Wendy said...

I voted...twice so far! :-) And I passed it along to my family. Good LUCK!!!!!!!!!
Wendy said...

Good luck! I'll go vote for your sweet sparklies.

steff said...

I gatcha babe! So great to see you thriving-you are really allowing yourself to experience all of this, instead of just saying and moving through the motions...such an inspiration!

Jeanette said...

How neat, Nerissa. Your work is incredibly pretty and oh-so inspiring. I'm off to place a vote for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Love it! Just voted! Love looking at your stuff and site! You are awesome!!!!

Hayley said...

Congratulations Nerissa!

I voted for you, the earrings are gorgeous!

I also made it as a finalist in the contest.. I am #19 in the Metals category, a bracelet with a deer charm. I was so excited to see my entry made it! any votes my way would also be appreciated ;)

GOOD LUCK! and congrats again.


ps, I also added you as an Etsy favourite, I love your summer Seafoam bracelet!

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

I voted for you...good luck :-) The earrings are really gorgeous and classy.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Lori Heinrich said...

You got my vote! It was good to see you today; loved the hat! Did you ever make it to the pool? ;o)

heidi said...

hello - glad you're joining in on the show & tell sunday ~ see you tomorrow! xo heidi

Kimberly Parker said...

Your jewelry is beautiful and I enjoy reading your blog! I just voted.

Looking forward to seeing more from you. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love your jewelry!

Anonymous said...

I voted!!! That was fun.Hope you win! Love the rings!! KRistin

Mary V said...

Hi, Nerissa! This is my third attempt to leave you a comment.

I LOVE your sparkling angel (?) earrings, I think they are the most interesting piece in the crystal section, very CUTE altogether, it was my pleasure to vote for you, now fingers crossed!

Good luck with your juried show, it is well deserved, you do very imaginative work. I too have recently heard I've got into a first one in July and am waiting hopefully to hear about a 2-day show at the end of November which I would LOVE to be at!

Mary V. xxx

Nerissa said...
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Anonymous said...

Done I voted and I visited your blog but can you enter me in the drawing because I couldn’t find it!