Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Over the Hills & Through the Woods to Gina's House

The 12 Days of Christmas package was mailed earlier this week & on their way to Gina's. Some days I feel like I'm limping to the finish line. I'm really happy about my finished decoration. My husband saw it & said his mom would probably like one too. I just completed 12 of them. He doesn't really get the swap thing.

It's been crazy preparing for my FIRST open house this week. Then I have another one in a week & a half. It's been a good crazy. I ALWAYS have ideas floating in my head & things in my journal. I've been having so much fun making new jewelry & working on the display for my jewelry.
Here are a few more pictures of new work. I'm on a green kick & on a roll... I am SLOWLY adding more of my new work to my etsy shop. Go over & take a peek. I'm having brain farts against writing copy & titles.

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Fabulous Finds Studio said...

Your jewelry just gets prettier and prettier! Of course, anything in pink catches MY eye :-)