Monday, November 26, 2007

Gettin' Ready

Why does everything start coming together last minute? I'm doing my first shows this Friday & next Monday. I was inspired Saturday night as I was laying in bed making jewelry for these upcoming home shows.
I'm on this kick about what separates me from other artists, what makes me tick & why I love my stuff so much more than what's made on a machine. I've really come into my own in the last few months. There was a time where everyone who made jewelry was seen as "competition". At the time, I probably wouldn't have taught classes for fear of having someone steal my designs. What's changed? I'm sooo comfortable with my work. My catch phrase about my work is "eclectic". I have such a varied & extensive list of techniques that I mix & match. My style is mine & mine alone. I have so many ideas floating up there in my head that I can't keep up with them. If someone is gonna "steal" a design, good luck. I'm also comfortable with the fact that my work is not for everyone. I can't please them all, but there will be people out there who get me. My, I've put on some big girl pants this year :)
I wrote the "artists statement" above. Then I got the idea to frame it, glitter the title & put it up on an easel for display on my table. I've been looking for unusual things to display my jewelry on & I'm excited about how it will look. Again, it's going to be eclectic. I can't wait to take some pictures.
Look out for my first feature on another blog. I'll be interviewed by the super talented Bonnie. In addition to her original blog, she also blogs on Snap & Scrap . She has stared interviewing some other artists, so go take a look. The blog is great. The shop is full of digital scrapbook products, of which I have no expreience, but the blog has all sorts of ideas & covers different types of crafts. I've found some great inspiration from there. I'm due on the blog on Dec 26. I'll have my interivew & a tutorial on some earrings. I'm really excited to do this & can't wait.

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