Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Work Frenzy

This has been a good creative week for me, actually the last few weeks have. My postings have become more regular, as has my artwork. It's wonderful to finally have the energy & passion to create. I've gone a week without my usual marathon afternoon nap. I'm also waking up not feeling like I was beaten up while I was sleeping.I'm almost done with my swap for the 12 days of Christmas. Look at the goodies from the 13 days of Halloween swap. I just have to add the ribbon/yarn to the top for the hangers. I also wanted to make sure the glue/glitter was dried before I posted it off to Gina. I was a glitter freak yesterday. I had it on my forehead all day. By the end of the day it was all over my body, clothes, the carpet, table, chair... What a great sight!
Last night I also completed a new paper dress, black white & pink again. I've been into this color combo for these dresses. The black skirt is made from embossed paper & I rubbed chalk to show off some of the design.
The rest of my new work pictured is jewelry. I've been on a bracelet & earring thing. It's funny because I used to only make necklaces exclusively. I guess after 9 years, my brain wanted to work on some new things.
I made it to a bead show this past weekend also, just barely. I'll post pics of the finds later.


Michele said...

Hi Nerissa, I'm participating in Gina's 12 Days of Christmas swap too. I was just wondering if you did the Halloween swap. There was a pair of earrings with no name and I was never able to find out who made them - was that you? (I would like to be able to give proper credit on my blog posting about the swap.) You can find me at
Thanks, Michele

karin (creativechaos) said...

Nerissa love the snowflake ornaments! I'm also finally feeling better. I've had a cold turned sinus infection for over a week. I finally had some energy today to work on a bunch of stuff.