Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Work ~ New Buys ~ New Hair Cut

Here's my WIP for the 12 Days of Christmas swap on Gina's blog. As always, I love doing swaps & I have some sort of idea as to what I'm going to do, then I end up going in a totally different direction. Even after I knew what direction I was going in, I still changed my mind (Artist's Prerogative). The snowflake above is my base. I painted it with an antique gold background & cool blue swirl stamps. I plan on embellishing with some cute snowflakes & black & white gift cards. I was going to use some of my collage sheet images, but look how cute these photos are. There's also a glitter border around the cards. I'm tying raffia at the top. All these cute finds can be yours from Target.
My other news is my new haircut. I loved Katie Holmes new haircut & I've wanted it ever since. I had a little bit of free time yesterday (whatever that is) & decided it was time to take the plunge. I called a salon that everyone here was telling me they get their haircut at. I didn't even have a picture. I just told her I wanted a bob with the front longer & the back stacked. I LOVE it. Every so often I get the itch & chop all my hair. I'm a little impulsive about it. I think about it for awhile then I just go do it. I told my mom about the hair cut & she said "Oh like Posh?" (Yes my mom knows who Posh Spice is. She's the hippest grandma I know.) No, no, no! It's not that severe. I think I ended up with a mix of Katie, Posh, & Jenny. Oh yeah, & did I mention my hubby is out of town? I love pulling this crap. I probably cut off a good 7 inches. Seriously, I do this all the time.

My "lovely" self portrait. I don't know how everyone does the self portrait challenges?


Bonnie said...

Hi Nerissa!
It's nice to see what you look like! love your new haircut! it is lovely! The self-portrait thing is a bit tricky. I tend to shy away from the mirror and just hold the camera at arms lengh and snap, it helps to have a LSD screen to see what you look like while you're taking it though!
hee hee.|Bonnie

Linda said...

Nerissa! I don't know how I missed this post. :) Love the new haircut. I got mine done last week as well and it is similar to yours but shorter. Thanks for the comment at my blog. I can't wait to get your swap too. Glad you like the "old lady" earrings. lol