Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Our first REAL snow!

I've been weather channel deprived this week. I woke up Monday morning and checked the weather forcast on my phone. Yes, lame but I used to stick my hand outside the front door to check the temperature. I was totally surprised when I read 8. I was thinking 8 what, no way it's gonna be 8 degrees for the low and 16 for the high. Well, it was. With the wind chill it felt like -3 at one point.

Next I wake up to the weirdest noise this morning. It sounded like someone was power washing their vinyl siding. No, my neighbor was shoveling his driveway. I thought great it would snow heavily enough for shoveling and Rick is out of town. I finally get out of bed because I actually have places to be and the driveway needed to be cleared. I ended up getting out of the menial labor because I couldn't find the shovel. I didn't need the weed wacker, light bulb changer, rake, attractor (that's a story in itself). Who knows where we've buried the shovel. Anyways we got the real powdery looks like glitter stuff today :)

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