Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Without Further Ado..

Yes, it's about darn time. Please accept my apologies. My hubby's on a TDY (temporary duty assignment) for the next 2 months and everything happened, of course. Both boys were sick, I was sick, and I couldn't keep up with everything I needed to do. I couldn't even find the snow shovel! Oh well, I didn't have to shovel! Tia, I'm emailing you right now for your address. Thanks to my wonderful assistant, Brandon. He was so darn excited to pick the winner.


Anonymous said...

Yayyyyyy! I won something and I wubbit!!!

Thanks for pulling out my name, Brandon :) You cutie patootie pie :)

Anonymous said...

Om'gosh, I got my adorable package of goodies!! Thank you SO MUCH for all the extras you included!!! Now my mind is spinning on how to use the fabric samples too. They're so pretty :) And all the other bits and baubles will definately come into play time in the future! Your altered journal is very nice! You did super well with it :) In fact, my daughter tried to steal it, LOL! That was such a surprise and a wonderful bit of mail :) Thanks sooooo much,