Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the week in pictures

had to go see the Chihuly myself - still up & mostly intact, thank goodness!

art time with my dudes - it was a fun afternoon!

Some recycled silk sari strips hanging in my studio

fly WIP 4x4 canvas panel - mixed media, acrylics, inks, vintage & new papers, rub ons

Another "I am completely spoiled in this country" moment.  Asked if my frozen yogurt was to go.  Packed in a bag with a block of ice.  I may never get this kind of service again!

New art supplies - perfect pearls sprays - iridescent & right up my alley!

Starting up the bead crochet necklaces again.  Love this color combo - she may be a keeper!  how embarrassing that I have to reteach myself how to crochet.  Perhaps I've stayed away too long.

Technically these are photos from last week!  I am completely falling in love with my iPhone.  I have it with me all the time & I can always take pictures at a moments notice.  I also love instagram - cute square photos, funky filters & "polaroid" frame - I look like a genius!

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