Saturday, August 13, 2011

So Many Canvases, So Few Complete...

Sometimes I have a million ideas in my head & I start getting them all out.  Or I have a background or color idea then the inspiration stops there.  All I know is, I gotta whole lotta canvases going on at the same time.  Actually, I'm perfectly happy with that!

WIP You Inspire Me to Soar 4x6 canvas flat panel: Just started this as a gift for a sweet someone.  I'll be adding a quote.

WIP Untitled 8x10 canvas flat panel: Part of my Americana phase.  I also have a 4x12 with the same pattern in the works.

So I have lots of canvases I've started.  Sometimes the backgrounds will sit there for weeks.  Either I get majorly inspired & complete the canvas.  Or I get an idea, work on it for a bit then come back another day & another day & another day... one day it's complete

WIP Fashion Plate 4x6 flat canvas panel: LOVE the colors on this one.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  There are 3 shades of aqua - light to dark, a white damask stamp on the right edge & a lime green dress form stamp.  Not sure where I'm going next but it's one of my faves.

Inspiration for the piece below

WIP Untitled 4x6 flat canvas panel: I started with lilac & light blue acrylic paint.  The rest of the design will be hand drawn doodles & lettering.  Not sure how I'll add color - maybe acrylics & my pitt pens - may add some patterned paper.  

I do have a few new pieces done, just need to photograph them, maybe I'll get them posted this week.  Just finished another class with Christy Tomlinson Creative Color Workshop.  It's a quick 1 week workshop on color but it's jam packed with lots of good info about searching for color inspiration & transposing that onto an art piece.  I'm also in the middle of the Three Hearts class.  I'm still watching the techniques portion of the class & have not even gotten into the journaling yet.  Christy shares so much in these videos that it makes it easy to go off & experiment.  As you can see from above, I'm not holding back after that She Art class!  Wow, the places my art has gone this year all because of Christy!

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