Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Have Lost My Marbles (make that my expensive Toho seed beads)

FB update a few days ago & I'm still running!

I'm completely in over my head, but I have 7 months to train.  I've run 2 10k's in the past year & have yet to fully complete a training program.  I don't know what makes me think I'm gonna do it this time.  I do have definite goals though:
  • First & Foremost: do NOT let the wagon of shame pick me up.  If you're running under 16 minutes miles & yes, I can fit in that category at the moment, the paddy wagon is gonna pick you up off the course.
  • Must complete the race - no completion, no hardware - Must Have Medal!
  • Get some of this excess weight off me - get out of my large clothes & into some of my mediums &, dare I dream, smalls - I'm not even 5'2", yes I should be in a small!
  • Completely rock the tiara & tutu!
How lucky am I that my hubby is going to run my first half marathon with me?  Also extending my luck, all my immediate family members live in FL & are coming to cheer me on.  

what every marathoner needs, deodorant in marathon fresh scent - a complete impulse buy at Target - hee hee marathon fresh scent - hilarious!

So the hubby suggested I blog about my runs to help keep me accountable.  I found a program I like that works with my schedule.  For awhile I was kinda flailing trying this & that.  What a mess!  And, my shin on my left leg is Killing Me!  I may be in for some shoe shopping but I'm going to have to do that via the internet - which is absolutely Crazy!  So this week is my first full week of the training program & I'm sticking to it.  I'll let you know how it goes next week. 

So if you're wondering I'm running this gem of a half marathon.  I'd say perfect for this she-she frou-frou pink glitter tiara kinda gal.

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