Monday, December 31, 2007

Blogger Award... 7 Random Things About Me

Thank you again, Miss Julie! This is gonna be fun.
  1. I watch all sorts of things of tv. Of course there's the sports thing (read the random silliness on the sidebar, yes it's true). There's of course the craft thing (HGTV, DIY, Martha Stewart). I could watch the Food Network all day. Here's a sampling: FSU college football, Poker, Matlock, B Original, Craft Lab & anything on the Food Network.

  2. I am Magellan. If I don't get lost, it's not a Nerissa trip. I've called home asking where I am. And, no, I don't want a GPS for my birthday or Christmas. That would be way too practical. Like the Christmas of my sophomore year of college, my dad got me a cell phone.

  3. I can shop anywhere. It doesn't matter if it's Nordstom or Target.

  4. Yes, I scream at the TV watching an ESPN classic game that was played 10 years ago.
  5. I live in organized chaos. I live out of my planner with to do lists, I am punctual, but my work space is a disaster. Right now my work space is my car. I told my mother in law I cleaned & and she said "Are you sure." Yes, it was that bad.

  6. My mom is known as Filipino Martha Stewart. Hee hee, I'm rather proud of it too. She's the best Chrstmas decorator. She always has these "themed trees". My fave is the blue & silver. I'll have to dig up a picture.

  7. Heidi Swapp bling: crowns

  8. My inspirations: toile, damask, paisley, crowns, pink (no duh), Country Living, just about anything put out by Stampington & Co, my sidebar of blogs I stalk, swirlies, obviously bead magazines. Okay I think the list is long enough & you get the point.

Feel free to comment if you wanna join in the 7 randoms list. I did one before, so you can go read that one & have 14 weirdo things about me.

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Fabulous Finds Studio said...

You are so welcome! It's fun to read these random facts. I see we have a lot in common: Martha Stewart, HGTV, shopping anywhere, toile, damask, crowns, Country Living, etc, etc!
Julie :-)