Monday, May 7, 2007

Tag, I'm It!

Here are 7 weirdo things about me.
  1. I have scarred stories from when I was a kid. Like when I was in Kindergarten and was late to school. Well, that was the day Santa came to get our letters. I gave my letter to the teacher or assistant or someone and they told me it was too late. Dejected I brought my letter back home. Ask my sister or cousin how many times they heard that one.
  2. I listen to music really LOUD in my car. If you catch me on the road I'm doing some serious dancing and singing.
  3. I am a sports freak. I was a batgirl when I went to Florida State University. I'm now passing the tradition on to my kids. When Brandon was 2, he could say Go Noles. What a good, smart kid!! See #6.
  4. I won a contest in high school lip synching to New Kids on the Block at the mall.
  5. I've been in love with a gay man since I was 12 (George Michael) Yes, at the time I didn't know he was gay! I know, you told me so!!
  6. I actually texted my husband 911 when I found out I couldn't afford tickets to the NCAA basketball regional tournament when UK was coming. And ooh, did I get in trouble for that one.
  7. I LOVE lists. I have lists in my journal, lists in my planner, lists on emails, lists on the refridgerator, lists on the dry erase calendar. Ooh, and excel spreadsheets make me drool. Can you say TYPE A?

Thanks to Miz Smoochie Lips for taggin' me. I don't have anyone else to tag, cause I think everyone's already been tagged. If you haven't, comment and let me know you're doing it cause I love a good list!!


Anonymous said...

You weirdo! Lol, joking. 911?? Really? LOL LOL LOL

Linda said...

Hi Nerissa..I'm Linda and I live outside of Philadelphia. I am a new member of Gina's ARt Journalz yahoo group and saw that we live "sort of" near each other. lol Anyway, I'm looking for other artists in the tri-state area and was wondering if you have any resources you can point me to! Thanks! BTW, I love your blog and your art. Beautiful.

Monica said...

Oh yes, George Michael was hot, hot,hot...I think he still is hot, ahem!! LOL!

Karin (creativechaos) said...

Ok....can I just say that #1 was cruelty towards a chld during the course of a holiday!!! Like they couldn't say will send it to Santa!! Believe me if I were you I would be retelling that story for years too! LOL..... Cute list!

m i c h e l l e said...

You and me are kindred spirits...#7 on your list. I am a listoholic. I keep a list of my lists because that's how I roll.