Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A few New Pieces

I've been busy. Things have been really crazy around here. I'm still working on squishing more projects to complete. The brown necklace is a special order for a friend of mine. The blue one is for me, I think. I really like it, but I ran out of pearls & crystals. I HATE when that happens, especially when you're inspired. I have more of the crystals in a smaller size, but I need to get more pearls. I love the center piece. I ordered a bunch of new sliders & LOVE every single one of them. I have a ton, so I'll be busy for awhile.
I also have some new ornaments I've been working on. I made a pink "love" one for me. I hung it by our cluster of family pictures. Unfortunately, these will probably be the only pictures I'll hang in this house since we're moving again this coming summer. Tis the life of a military family. I'm also making some "Peace" ornaments for military families as gifts. Too bad I thought of this so late in the game. They are in red, white, blue, gold & silver themes.


Jen ~ ARTful Dreamer said...

Hi Nerissa! Thanks so much for visiting my blog - I finally had a chance to come peek at yours :~) Your ornaments are wonderful! I always say I want to make them and then I never do. Yours turned out great! Hope to see you again. Have a Merry Christmas!

steff said...

I am totally loving this brownish piece! It is so eclectic and...dare I say...unique! It feels good to be back on the blogs and involved in all of the craft internet fun! How is everything going?


PS-Moving again?!?! When will you be coming to Virginia Beach? Tell the hubby to put in the orders pronto so that we can craft together!