Friday, January 28, 2011


WIP: Reclaim collage oval 15" x 19"

my energy
my body
my health
my art
my creative space
my couple time
my loves
my life

My theme for 2011: Reclaim
I've just about completed by Blast Off class with Alyson Stanfield.  In the less than 30 days I have:
  • cleaned, arranged & decorated my studio space
  • scheduled & currently prepping for my first open house for the year
  • made a business plan for the year & committed to it
  • wrote realistic goals for myself, my business & my art
  • found daily gratitudes in little & big things
  • planned my waking hours daily & showed up
  • finally started up a FB page for my business (it's still in process, so stay tuned)
  • signed up for the Biggest Loser with our embassy community
  • consistently worked out (running & weight training) most of my planned 6 days a week
  • planned healthy dinners on a weekly basis
  • blogged (this is post 10 of the month - I'm almost up to 20% of the total number of posts I did last year & it's only January!)
This has been a whirlwind of a class.  It's been a (mostly) great 7 weeks for me, when my new year resolutions began.  I hope to continue moving in the direction I'm going.

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Labour of Love said...

WOW!!! this is quite 30 days you have accomplished what i've been dreaming to do for the last 15-20 years...what an accomplishment, Nerissa!!! this is exactly what i was looking for in my life too...something to push myself both creatively + personally...thank you for sharing your endeavors with us + looking forward to seeing more of your amazing road to success! bonne chance my sweet kindred spirit!