Saturday, January 15, 2011

Camping Part 3

My Self Portrait - unfortunately, there was not much sun so I didn't get the traditional shadow picture.
It's amazing what living in Kuwait has done for me.  I have checked so many things off my to do list that were never there.  I constantly think about how lucky we are to be here & the things we experience as a family.

The area we stopped to camp in was full of rocks & pebbles.  More than I normally see.  It made the scenery quite beautiful.  There were lots of dunes around.  I didn't get any camels this time.  There were some on our way in, but they were in their pen & it was fully dark when we left.  I also missed out on sunset shots since there was no sun.

This was supposed to be the first time I went camping - overnight & in a tent - but it was not to be.  The weather was not on our side with strong winds & expected rain the next day.  We stayed for the afternoon & packed up to go home in the evening.

One of my guys enjoying marshmallows by the fire.

This trip had a bit of excitement at the end.  There were a few cars that got stuck in the sand.  Luckily we had tow straps & several SUV's.  I, of course, had to document this.  After the first few tries didn't work I put the camera down to help dig out sand & push the car.  Oh, the things I get to do!

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