Thursday, January 6, 2011


I don't make New Year's Resolutions, but I use the new year to reflect on accomplishments from the past year & developing points for the upcoming year.  So far this year has started well.  I jumped in running with the head start I got in December.  I vowed to do a few things:
  • Schedule my time.  I've got all sorts of little pieces that are supposed to fit into the puzzle.  I wasn't doing a good job of getting them to all fit.  I've learned to say no a bit more.  I've blocked off the time I can't control; work, kid's homework, dinner, etc.  And filled in what I can; workouts, weekly dates with the hubby & time to work on updating the shop.  I've got to say, I feel good!
  • I've taken control of our dinner menu.  We were tired of just having whatever & not whatever was healthy.  I'm planning dinner & the shopping list on a weekly basis.
My Grateful Journal - A new daily exercise.  Just fun pens in a fun journal.  I don't want to complicate it quite yet & make it an art journaling project. 
  • I am getting the jewelry business up off the ground.  I have been stuck behind the hump the last few years & am determined to make it work.  (I love you Tim Gunn!)   I get some great news & some momentum, but I can't continue riding the wave.  I'd like to become more disciplined & focused with my work.  I'm taking another class with Alyson Stanfield, Blast Off, & I've been reading her book when ever I have a spare second - I don't read books unless they are craft books or magazines - & I can't put it down.
What are your plans for the year?  I don't even have all my goals written yet - it's still a work in progress - but the past 4 weeks have been full of accomplishments for myself & my family.  Here's to a productive January 2011.

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