Monday, December 20, 2010

Winter Desert Style

Self portrait in the desert

So what does one do in the winter in these parts?  The beach & camping of course!

Look at the eye lashes on this guy!

This was such a cool picture.  I just shoot a million pics & look at them when I come home.  I never know what I have till it gets dumped on the laptop.

This picture has such a great story.  It's so incredibly funny that I can overlook how stupid I look.  My friend taking the picture kept telling me to scoot back & next thing you know I'm petrified that this giant beast is gonna take a hunk of my hair.

Loved the different colors of camels.


This was the second camping trip our family took.  My hubby wasn't able to make it so I couldn't start taking pictures till we reached the camp ground.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures at night.  I was busy manning the grill!

I love taking foot prints in the sand.  These were made by my boys as they ran towards the water to play.

Playing with perspective.  Thanks to the post on the patio for working with me.

The kids played in the sand in long sleeve tees & jeans.  I enjoyed hearing the sound of the sea & the birds while reading & playing with photos.


Gabriela said...

Hello Nerissa,

Ohhhhh, love looking a these photos....a beach...water and camels?
Well...I am in the snow...not much of it...but it's Winter outside.

Love camels, they are gentle and would have them as pets for sure!

Thanks so much for showing us photos of Kuwait, love it!

~ Gabriela ~

David Archer said...

Hi Nerissa,
this is Dave Archer.
The Canadian Family that joined you in the Dessert.
I finally figured out how to access your blog and all of your business info. You are a busy lady....great stuff!

Wondered if you still had some of the photos you took of us and if so if it were possible to forward them to

Hope you have had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!