Sunday, December 5, 2010

You're Invited

To my local friends, the bazaar season is in full swing.  With all I have going on I've only decided to do two this year, granted they are in the same week, but I couldn't be more excited.  The big one is tomorrow - the British Ladies Society bazaar.  Last year I went as a shopper & was impressed by the mix of vendors.  Although I'm not sure how much shopping I'll get done as a vendor this year!

BLS Holiday Bazaar Monday December 6 1:30 - 6:30
Airport Road 55 Farwaniya off 6th Ring Road
Tel: +965 1848111
If you like sushi, there's a great sushi restaurant there.  One of my faves!!  I've already packed my copy of the menu & will have some delivered to me :)

I got a bit of creating done on Friday night with the Meet & Bead group.  Have I mentioned how much I love those LB o J'zazz women?  I am so thankful to have a local bead store & group of bead friends.  

The other bazaar I'm participating in is the TES Holiday Bazaar.  It will be my first year doing this one.  I participated in the Spring one & made enough to make it worth my while.  Hopefully this one will be a success with the Christmas season.

TES Holiday Bazaar Saturday December 11 2 -5
Mousaed Al-Azmi Street Block 12 Salmiya

If you're here locally come visit me!

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The Beading Gem said...

Good luck with the bazaar! It sounds like a lot of fun. Pearl