Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day

Woo hoo, we got enough snow to play in!!These are just a few pictures. I love to take snow pictures. I think it's so beautiful!
Yea, another snow day, but lots of snow this time. I couldn't believe it. We just don't get snow here in Charlottesville like I thought we would. It snowed all night & was still snowing this morning. The kids & I went out to play even though it was only 22 degrees outside. It's not really so cold; it's the wind!
My oldest son has another snow day tomorrow & the younger one has a 2 hour delay. I don't know how the pictures will be tomorrow. It's supposed to be clear, so no more snow :( We didn't leave our house because the driving conditions were so bad so I only have pictures from the yard.

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