Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fun Stuff Going on Over at Lollishops

Lots of good things going on over at Lollishops! First, there's a new look to the home page. Super Cute! There's 12 handpicked items that normally follow a fun theme, a featured seller, recently listed items & covers of the magazines where our ads are featured. Run over & take a look, Marie Antoinette is the featured theme. If you have a specific theme, let Sadie know. She's taking suggestions!

The next project is the Creative Cottage Shopper. It will be a fun publication with coupons for exclusive discounts or freebies. In addition to that, "It will also have blog tips, decorating ideas, craft recipes and tutorials by various Cottage Style artisans.This shopper is not just exclusive to vendors at It will be open for Cottage Style artists from different venues to advertise too." The talented Heather of Bluhm Studios did the mock ups below & I can't wait to see it. It's going to be affordable (under $5) & chock full of cottage goodness!

Here's my little sneak peek. I'm participating & have some cuties to share! These were so fun to make & shoot. I even made my own ad. We'll see if I did all the technical specs correctly!

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Fleur de Bee said...

OK so are your button rings available yet? I want one!!!

Thanks for the well wishes! I tried to find you on my links and realized I didn't even have you there...eek sorry! Off to link you now!