Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Goodies to Play With

I got some supplies yesterday. I was basically stalking the UPS man. These pretties came from my mailman from Canada. I can't wait to play with all this vintage goodness. The fleur de lis crest & crown don't have holes so I'll have to drill them or attach these to filligrees. The round filigree is a setting for a cab & I have plans for the buckle on the right. Teresa had a cute tutorial on the Bellarama ezine. The flower cabs can be used as is or I can put something in the center. Perhaps some bling :) EDITED: I forgot to tell you. The Canadian goodies came from Paper Valise.

My cousin went to a gem & jewelry show & totally spoiled me. (Excuse these pictures. The UPS man didn't come until almost 6PM. Doesn't he know I need natural light for this stuff) I didn't even take pictures of all the things she sent me. I need to go & look up what the stuff above is. I think the purple/green rocks above are tourmaline.

Amazonite carved flowers ~ These will look cute with the vintage ones in the top photo


Donna Layton said...

Pretty, pretty. I love those flower cabs. The right size Swarovski chaton would finish them off nicely:)

MizSmoochieLips said...

Hi chica!! Ooooh, loving the new look here! It's beautifulllllllll! So how are you? What's new in your world, and what's the word on your pcs?

Fleur de Bee said...

I love the crown embellishment! You crack me up! I would be waiting with anticipation too! LOL!