Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This little guy melts my heart. I was supposed to help him & his class for their Fall Feast today at school. I woke up this morning with the worst stomach ache & cramps. I've been sick on & off since Sunday & I was hoping I'd get better. I missed out on the Thanksgiving Feast with 120 little cuties today.
I'm supposed to be cooking for the family on Thanksgiving day, too. With the way I'm feeling today I may not be able to. Bummer! I love cooking the big dinner for Thanksgiving & Christmas. My mother in law taught me how to cook the big traditional dinner. We never had one growing up & I love being able to share this with family.
I'll post again on Thursday. I just wanted to share a picture of my cute little man.


Jenny S said...

Ohhhh!! I am sending get better thoughts your way!! I think we have been sick since school started this year!!

KatCollects said...

Hi Nerissa,
I hope you are feeling much better soon. And your little guy IS adorable : ) Thank you for the good wishes.

Sandy said...

Hi Nerissa,
Take care of yourself! Hope you are feeling better.
Have a wonderful Thanskgiving!
Many Blessings,


Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Gabriela ~

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Happy Thanksgiving!