Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Been a Barbie Kinda Day

I spent Pink (Black) Friday making some pretties. The only shopping I did was at a JoAnn's Superstore. I also got a package of vintage & brass goodies I just bought so I had lots of fun stuff.

I've been waiting patiently to open my Lollishop. I pulled out my huge bead bag on wheels & started to play with some of my new things. I was in a Barbie mood. I'm thinking of having a Limited Edition collection of OOAK Barbie jewelry. I'm having too much fun. Some of these are works in progress, so I'll post the finished product. I finished the pink Barbie crystal necklace I started. I also finished a Christmas gift. One of several thousands I've planned to make. Okay, not quite thousands.


MizSmoochieLips said...

What what what!? You didn't shop till you dropped this BIG Shopping weekend? Heh heh. What you did was so much better! I finally got to play in glue and glitter today and it felt marvelous. Now I need to find some fabric to start on my 8 billion ugly green commissary bags too!

Anonymous said...

I love pink and I love barbie!Thanks for the inspiration!