Friday, May 9, 2008

My Mini-Man is Becoming a Bigger Mini-Man

I joined my oldest at school today for a Mother's Day lunch. It was the sweetest thing. The kids prepared the food, decorations & gifts all week. Brandon's getting so big. He's teaching his brother the ropes, helping him with speech therapy, he's so darn creative - what an imagination!
His birthday was a few days after mine & we celebrated it on the actual day & he's having a party with his friends tomorrow. Cross your fingers that the rain holds out. Anyways, when we celebrated at home, we had to have Pancake Puffs "Just pour & flip" (Brandon's quote from the commercial, not mine). We watch Sprout & I swear, even the adult commercials are aimed at the kids. I saw it at Target & it was ours. I have to admit, we (the entire family) are enjoying this thing.
Last weekend we, the entire family again, ended up being in the parade we were supposed to watch. Brandon didn't want to get on the float, so we walked next to it. Thank goodness I had some walking shoes on!

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