Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Birthday (Which Was in April & is Just Getting Posted)

My birthday this year was pretty low key. The boys & I had our normal hectic routine; bring Brandon to school, Josh & I go run errands, then pick up Brandon. We got to enjoy some yummy pad thai for lunch. Rick had a case the day after, so he worked really late. I got my birthday present early from Rick - money & babysitting to go to the bead show in Maryland. Yea :) Here are some of the beauties I bought.
Pretty seed beads. I love the mixes & multi-colored beads. I bought some teardrop shaped ones to make more bracelets like these: I also bought some great sterling silver clasps & charms. Look at these amazing crown charms. The company designs a lot of their own silver & these crowns are one of them. I'm in LOVE. I would have bought a whole strand of them, but they were out. They only had a few pieces when I got there & I almost missed them. I had been shopping the table for a good 20 minutes when I saw them. I just about peed in my pants. Yes, I LOVE crowns that much.I also visited my favorite supplier for Swarovski crystals. They sell the crystals with the coatings applied by another company. I am in love with these. They just have the prettiest finishes with the coatings.I got these beauties for a pretty good price. It's not real turquoise, but I loved the color & the veining. It's been so long since I've posted, so I'm going to go ahead & post this now. I started this post a week ago & have yet to finish, so it's finished!


Counting Your Blessings said...

Those crown charms are SO cool! Love them!! I just added crown tee shirts and hats to the store and they've been flying out the door. I guess we aren't the only ones that love crowns =) Have a wonderful Sunday. Blessings... polly (p.s. I was early for the show & tell but I enjoyed your post so much.)

Cindy Dean said...

Happy late birthday!