Monday, March 3, 2008

21 Day Challenge ~ Day 3

I am so super excited about this challenge. I ADORE Rhonna Farrer. She designs with the icons I love, swirlies, crowns, winged things. Her color combos are wonderful & I just love all her fonts. She is hosting a 21 Day Challenge over at the Two Peas message boards. It takes 21 days to make a habit, hence the 21 day challenge. It's day 3 today, so I'm jumping right in. Rhonna is supplying us with wonderful artwork & a quote for each day.

I thought about what I wanted to do creatively to work on my business goals. One of the big ones is to get my Etsy store stocked. I have more than enough goods & photographs to do this for 21 days. I planned to do this in an altered composition book I use to take notes for business, but I decided to do it on the computer. I can just cut & paste the info. I can print them up & use them as product sheets in my portfolio. Not as pretty as the journal I planned to make, but much more efficient in obtaining my goal. I plan to edit my photos, write the copy describing the piece & dump it all into a Word doc. I enjoy writing the copy & coming up with names for each piece. I have a bit of a sarcastic streak in me & I love for my personality to come out in my copy.
Here's the link to my new necklace I posted at my Etsy store. Yea, 1 item listed.
It's funny how this energizes me. My work area has been a disaster since the Christmas holidays & I'm so ready to clear it out. I'm currently making artwork in the kitchen office, my bedroom, & my craft room. It's driving me crazy looking for glue, cutting implements, my brain in all 3 places. I also completed some special orders this weekend that I needed to finish up. I did all this & still managed to do housework.


jaw515 said...

This is such a great idea for your challenge! Good luck with getting your store stocked up and now I am off to check out your etsy!

Rhonna said...

wow, girlfriend, you are sooooo inspiring!!!! I just LOVE your 21 challenge AND your Etsy shop...gotta think of what I want to buy!
can't wait!
keep it up!