Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Week in Pictures

 The last hurrah for summer! Did some last minute shoe shopping with my oldest son (lunch included) & lunch (again) near the Kuwait Towers.

Momma cat is back!  I've missed her.  There have been a few sightings but Rick wouldn't pull over the car or loop around.  Yes, I love this cat but this cat only!

My Byzantine Queen earring kit
Thanks to LB o'Jzazz for the terrific class.  The fruits of our labor.  A class picture after finishing our first earring.

Family lunch at Organica - again.  Picked by Josh.  Yummy fresh lemonade!

Can they be any cuter?  The Force Luke, the Force.  Thanks to our friends for the Jedi capes - now a necessity to play Star Wars Lego on the Wii.

The training continues.  I had a bit of a rocky patch with a sick bout.  I was off the treadmill for a week & a half.  I'm back on the program & have recently accomplished a personal best.  3 continuous miles under 45 minutes.  That is blazing for me!  I used to run 18 minute miles & now I'm hanging out in the 14 minute mark.
Is it the shoes?

What is this you ask?  I call it the Pile O' Green.  This is the pile of herbs & leaves I must maneuver every week when I go grocery shopping.  The weekly questions include:  "Is there any cilantro here?"  "Which one is spinach?"  and  "Did I just buy parsley 3 ways?"

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